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The REAL People of i-Grad Virtual Academy

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2021-2022 Faculty


target  Joe Baker


Science Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to provide a learning environment that helps students achieve their goals in life; to inspire a "drive" that is the catalyst in believing in yourself through adversity and success.  

My biggest achievement is raising a family with my amazing wife while working to develop life-changing relationships with my students...grateful and humble for my opportunities.  


J. Baker

target  Tabatha Box


Mathematics Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to extend student learning beyond the walls of the classroom and provide students with the tools to be successful in their future endeavors.

My biggest achievement is maintaining a happy and healthy family life as well as a career. 

T. Box

target  Christina Brown


Science Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to provide a rigorous blended online learning environment that meets the learning styles and needs of students to prepare them for advanced education options, future employment, and post-secondary education. 

My biggest achievements are enjoying the role of being a mother to four amazing grown children and four dogs, a new role of Grandmother (GiGi), and an educator of countless fabulous students.

C. Brown

target  Heather Craighead


Mathematics Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My goal is to build a lifelong love for learning, especially mathematics, in this brand new environment.

My biggest achievement is seeing my children thrive in their chosen STEM fields after 8 years of homeschooling and then watching me return to the classroom to inspire more students. This sense of team work and community is something I hope to bring to iGrad.

H. Craighead

target  James Fuller


Social Studies Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to grow as an educator and to help facilitate student success at i-Grad as well as life.

My biggest achievement has been to create outstanding hot sauces and developing my cooking skills.

J. Fuller

target  Autumn Hamilton


English Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to provide rigorous, meaningful instruction that meets the diverse needs and goals of my students, while also encouraging them to be self-motivated, critical thinkers who are ready to continue along their pathways after high school.

Although I can confidently say that I believe I have had a lot of great achievements during my past 13 years as an educator, hands down, my greatest achievement is my son Miles and the belief that I have (even in the smallest way) contributed to the kind, empathetic, and compassionate person he continues to grow to be.

A. Hamilton

target  Dr. Brent Hollers


Cybersecurity Instructor, C3 Career Academy

My ultimate goal is to develop students who are inquisitive and creative problem-solvers. My goal for the Cybersecurity pathway is to develop in students a passion for creating a safer, more secure online society.

My greatest achievement is being a father and husband to my wife and two daughters while also being a constant learner, tinkerer and builder. 

B. Hollers

target  Ki-Myung Andrew Kim


Social Studies Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to make an impact on young people through teaching, technology and media to equip them for their futures. My current goal is to help my students to graduate from high school and be equipped for whatever path they choose afterwards. 

My biggest achievement is the work I've done in education and the various pieces of media content I've created.   

K. Kim

target  Hannah Mitchell


English Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to help students reach their full potential, tapping into unknown strengths and unplumbed depths. My goal is for iGrad students to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and the world through active interaction with literature.

My biggest achievement is raising my two wildflower daughters while managing a teaching career, always making time to be creative!

H. Mitchell

target  Hillary Nichols


Counselor, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My goal is to support my students academically, socially, and emotionally. Ultimately, my goal is to be a resource for my students and their families.

My biggest achievements and blessings are my daughter (Peyton), husband, 2 Siberian Huskies, and traveling to National Parks throughout the US.



H. Nichols

target  Lynnette Greene


Student Records Facilitator/Lead Admin. Assistant

My ultimate goal is doing my small part in helping students be successful during their years at i-Grad Virtual Academy. I look forward to watching the students realize their potential, meet their goals, and achieve their dreams.

My biggest achievement is watching my boys spread their wings - becoming successful, caring, happy young men.  


target  Andy Hall


Lead Administrator, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to provide a vigorous, dynamic learning environment for real digital learners. My goal is for i-Grad students to find success at i-Grad and beyond.

My biggest achievement is juggling the various titles of dad, husband, educator, runner and fisherman while trying to keep up with my two dogs.


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