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Parent University

Last Updated: 12/1/2021 9:41 PM

Parent University                


What is Parent University?

Why be involved? Research shows that family engagement is one of the most powerful predictors of children development, educational attainment and success in school and life. Families who are engaged in their children's learning have the opportunity to strengthen home-school partnerships to support the whole child.

Parent University is a series of educational opportunities that will be provided by the Cherokee County School District Department of Special Education throughout the school year free of charge to all participants. Information about helping students with disabilities succeed academically and socially will be provided by the CCSD staff, community professionals, and invited speakers. Parent University is designed for private school teachers, parents who are homeschooling their children, and parents of students with disabilities; however, anyone is welcome to attend.  Parent University strives to empower families to raise children to be safe and successful in school and in life. 

Parent University presentations will consist of various separate sessions/topics.  Each presentation will be done via Teams. 



December 1, 2021 Parent University Presentation materials

Emily Rubin - 

                           - Engaging our learners

                           - Volume

                           - Emotion Board

                           - SEE-KS

                           - Energy


Caroline Musselwhite - Shared reading


Christopher Bugaj - 

                         - Helping your Student with Writing Strategies

                             - Necessary Considerations When Learning Language With AAC, Part 1—Core Vocabulary


October 25, 2021 Parent University Presentation materials

Jessie Moreau - Click here for recorded presentation

         - November Home School calendars

         - Family Webinar

         - Routines

         - Home Schedule Symbols

         - Perpetual Calendar Sheets

Caroline Musselwhite

        - Family Support for AAC: Making it Fun

Christopher Bugaj

        - Reading Strategies That Work for Everyone

         - Presuming Potential and Strategies to Support Early Language Learning

Katie Greer

        - Parenting in the Digital World


SY 2020-21 Parent University Presentations Archive


Additional Info

Parent University Future 2021-22 Presentations

March 5th (Saturday) 1:00-4:00 VIRTUAL 




Executive Functioning—Getting You, Your Child, and Your Family Organized and On the Same Page, by Chris Bugaj   


Necessary Considerations When Learning Language With AAC, Part 2—Aided Language Stimulation (Modeling), by Chris Bugaj  


AAC Communication/Literacy, Caroline Musselwhite (recorded)  


May 3rd (Tuesday) 5:00-8:00 VIRTUAL  




Exploring Hidden Usability Features in Common Devices—I Bet You Didn’t Know Your Device Could Do That!, by Chris Bugaj  


Necessary Considerations When Learning Language With AAC, Part 3—Keeping the Buttons in the Same Spot, by Chris Bugaj  


AAC Communication/Literacy, by Caroline Musselwhite (recorded)