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Archive of CCSD messages to parents

Last Updated: 10/6/2020 2:33 PM

10/5/2020 Message: School Operations Update

10/1/2020 Message: CCSD Connections Newsletter & Superintendent's Message

9/17/2020 Message: Fall Break

9/8/2020 Message: CCSD School Nutrition Meals Free to All Students

9/4/2020 Message: CCSD Digital Learning Extension

9/1/2020 Message: CCSD Connections Newsletter & Superintendent's Message

8/26/2020 Message: Sept. 3 Reopening of Closed Schools

8/20/2020 Message: Board Business Briefs: School Board Discusses School Reopening

8/16/2020 Message: Creekview HS Closing

8/12/2020 Message: Woodstock HS Closing

8/11/2020 Message: Etowah HS Closing

8/7/2020 Message: Thank You! 

8/3/2020 Message: #CCSDUnited

7/29/2020 Message: CCSD Back-to-School Updates & Reminders

7/27/2020 Message: CCSD Newsletter: Back to School Info

7/16/2020 Message: Decision Reminder and Rumors

7/13/2020 Message: Reopening Plan FAQs Update

7/9/2020 Message: Reopening Approved and Board Business Briefs

7/8/2020 Message: School Reopening

7/4/2020 Message: Graduation Update

7/1/2020 Message:  High School Graduation update

6/25/2020 Message: CCSD Message to High School Students

6/22/2020 Message: CCSD Return to School Questionnaire

6/18/2020 Message: Board Business Briefs: Review of Proposed Budget, Reopening Plans 

6/11/2020 Message: CCSD Message: Budget Update

6/5/2020 Message: Message from the Superintendent

6/3/2020 Message: Reopening Update

5/29/2020 Message: Message from the Superintendent to the Class of 2020

5/29/2020 Message: Summer Schedule for To-Go Meal Distribution

5/21/2020 Message: Board Briefs: School Board Hears School Reopening Plans, Budget Update

5/18/2020 Message: Graduation Update & Summer Resources

5/8/2020 Message in CCSD Connections newsletter

5/4/2020 Message: ThankATeacher - Teacher Appreciation

4/27/2020 Message: Graduation Dates

4/20/2020 Message: Expectations & Outlook

4/16/2020 Message: Board Briefs: School Board Approves Ending School Early, Postponing Graduation Ceremonies

4/15/2020 Message: Proposal for last day of school, graduation

4/3/2020 Message: Grading guidance; announcement of upcoming survey

4/1/2020 Message: Gov. Extends School Closure for Rest of School Year

3/31/2020 Message: CCSD Technology Update

3/30/2020 Message: Weekly update from Superintendent; plans for report cards

3/26/2020 Message: Governor extends school closures statewide through April 24, 2020

3/25/2020 Message: Weekly update from Superintendent, launch of CCSD Counselor Connector newsletter

3/20/2020 Message: Message of thanks; update on resources

3/19/2020 Message: CCSD School Closure Extended Through Spring Break  

3/17/2020 Message: meals-to-go sites and dates expanded

3/16/2020 Message: Governor mandates school closures through March 31

3/13/2020 Message: resources available during school closure

3/12/2020 Message 2: CCSD schools and offices closed March 16-March 27

3/12/2020 Message 1: CCSD events, field trips and travel are cancelled

3/9/2020 Message: custodial staff receiving additional training; no cases connected to CCSD

3/5/2020 Message: false rumors, precautions being taken

3/4/2020 Message: no confirmed cases in Cherokee

3/3/2020 Message in CCSD Connections newsletter

2/26/2020 Message: CDC advising contingency plans