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CCSD Fact vs. Fiction

Last Updated: 11/10/2021 3:10 PM

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Welcome to the Cherokee County School District’s Fact vs. Fiction webpage.  In these times of “fake news” circulated on social media and “unofficial” social media groups, this webpage is a place where you can find accurate information in a timely manner.  This is an expansion of CCSD’s long-standing commitment to transparency and accountability and a part of our nationally recognized Open CCSD transparency project and webpage.  If you have a question for us to consider, you can email it to communications@cherokeek12.net.


Is CCSD vaccinating children at school?

NO!  Please be advised that false rumors are deliberately being spread in our community about CCSD and COVID-19 vaccinations.  CCSD is NOT holding ANY COVID-19 vaccination events for students at our schools or elsewhere.  CCSD is partnering with the Cherokee County Health Department to offer COVID-19 vaccination boosters to employees, if they want to receive one, at the health department’s clinics on Friday, Nov. 19.  More than 1,800 employees have requested an appointment, which is why that day is a Digital Learning Day for all students.  CCSD does host annual flu vaccine clinics at schools for employees, if they want to receive one, as we have for more than a decade.  CCSD does NOT administer ANY vaccines to students at our schools or elsewhere.  It is deeply troubling that anyone in our community would deliberately spread misinformation and lies and even more upsetting that they appear to be doing so for political and/or personal financial gain.


Panorama SEL Survey

Does the Panorama SEL survey include open-ended questions?

No.  The Panorama Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) survey used by CCSD for students in Grades 4-12 does not include open-ended questions; it uses scale responses for students to self-assess their core SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness.  A set of sample questions is posted online here. 

Is my child’s information shared outside of CCSD?

No.  CCSD does not share individual student responses externally; only aggregate data from the results is used for external presentations by CCSD, such as in annual SEL initiative reports presented to the School Board.  Panorama does not have access to any data other than the survey responses, which only include a CCSD student ID number; Panorama is not provided with students’ names or other personal information.  CCSD does not use Panorama curriculum or resources other than the Panorama SEL survey.  Parents are given the opportunity to opt their children out of participation if they have any concerns about this optional survey (less than 2% of students opted out of the survey this year).

Is this survey data used against my child?

No.  The survey results are used by CCSD to support students and to review our SEL initiative for continuous improvement.  Parents, teachers and counselors, as part of each student’s support teams, have access to the student’s perspectives in order to support the student.