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Back-to-School Gateway Opens July 25

Last Updated: 7/26/2022 12:39 PM

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The Cherokee County School District's Back-to-School Gateway is an online system designed to reduce paper waste and wasting parents’ valuable time!

The Back-to-School Gateway is a paperless, online verification system for students already enrolled in CCSD schools that replaces the dreaded stack of “first-day forms” with a quick digital check and update of students’ existing contact and emergency notification information in CCSD’s records system.  The system will open Monday, July 25, 2022 giving parents ample time to submit their updates. 

To use the system immediately, parents will need to use their child’s student ID number (which he or she also uses in the lunchroom and for computers at school) as the Username, and the student’s GTID number (this is on your child’s report card and high school semester transcript) as the Password.  If you don’t remember these numbers, you can ask your child’s homeroom teacher.  Parents will want to have their emergency contacts’ and pediatrician’s phone numbers on hand as they use the system. 


Through the simple and quick process, parents will click through screens to confirm or update contact information and print out special forms such as for medication or allergies.  Required state and federal information forms also have been incorporated into the paperless system.  We ask all parents to complete the Back-to-School Gateway information by Friday, Aug. 12.

The Back-to-School Gateway is the final step in an online transition that CCSD successfully began in 2019 with kindergarten registration and new student enrollment.   Parents, please note that the Back-to-School Gateway is separate from the New Student Gateway. You should see a green-framed screen for Back to School;  new student registration will show a blue-framed screen.