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Forms & Updates to Student Information

Last Updated: 11/9/2021 9:49 PM

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Update Student Information:  Express Gateway

The Express Gateway offers parents the ability to update most basic contact information for their child (including updates that will be used by ParentSquare) without having to contact the school or fill out more paper forms. The information that can be updated is listed below.

  • Parent phone numbers (home, cell and work)
  • Parent email address
  • Application for Free/Reduced Price Lunch
  • Student primary phone number
  • Early Dismissal information updates
  • Changes to Contacts 2 -10 including edits, deletions and additions

If you need to make a correction or change to your child's address, please contact the school.  All student address changes require appropriate documentation before the change will be entered into our Aspen student information system.  Early Dismissal details shown on Express Gateway are for review only.  If a change is needed to your child’s Early Dismissal, this must be communicated in writing to the school in advance.  Changes are not accepted for immediate use on an early dismissal day.   

To access the Express Gateway, go to  The Username field is the student’s local student ID, sometimes referred to as his or her “lunch number."  The password is the student’s GTID, a 10-digit number assigned by the Georgia Department of Education. Both ID numbers are listed on report cards. If you don't have these numbers and need assistance, please contact the school, so they can provide the information to you.

After you use the Express Gateway to update your child’s information, an email notification will be sent to the primary contact.  Information that was changed in Express Gateway will be attached to this email in a password protected file.  To open and review these attached change forms, use the child’s GTID as the password.

New Student Enrollment

CCSD has opened the Registration Gateway to enroll incoming kindergartners and all students Grades 1-12 who will be new to CCSD for the 2021-22 School Year, which begins Aug. 2, 2021.  More information, including a list of required documents, is available online here.  School boundary maps can be viewed here, or you can call 770.479.1871 to determine your attendance area.  


All 23 CCSD elementary schools have full-day kindergarten.  Registration for the 2021-22 school year opens February 8. More information, including a list of required documents, is available online here.  Learn more about kindergarten in CCSD by checking out Ready to Learn:  A Parent’s Guide to CCSD Kindergarten (Spanish version is here).

Head Start Preschool Application

2021-22 Head Start Preschool Application - English

2021-22 Head Start Preschool Application - Spanish

Additional Student Enrollment Forms

Materials Needed for School Registration - English READ FIRST (PDF)

Materials Needed for School Registration - Spanish READ FIRST (PDF)

2021-22 Student Accident Insurance PDF Brochure or link to online application at

2021-22 Student Accident Insurance PDF Brochure- Spanish or link to online application at 

Parental, Legal Guardian Declaration - English (PDF)

Parental, Legal Guardian Declaration - Spanish (PDF)

Residency Affidavit for Parents, Guardians Considered as Occupant (PDF)

Residency Affidavit for Property Owners, Property Managers (PDF)

Temporary Guardianship Petition

Student Health Information

Medical Authorization Form - English

Medical Authorization Form - Spanish

Lice Control Guidelines - English

Cherokee County School District Health Guidelines Lice Control The Cherokee County School District has established the following guidelines in order to prevent the spread of lice to uninfested students. These guidelines have been established to protect the health of the entire student population as well as to protect the feeling and emotional well-being of identified students.
  1. Students identified as having an active infestation of lice will be handled in a discreet and sensitive manner at all times.
  2. Any student identified with lice will be isolated from uninfested students. Attempts will be made to contact parents to pick up the child for immediate treatment.
  3. Parents will be informed that the child may not return to school until either:
    1. The child’s hair has been treated so that there are no longer lice or eggs(nits) present, or
    2. The parents provide a written statement from a physician or the Health Department verifying that the child is no longer contagious.
  4. All treated students will be rechecked upon their return, even if they present a letter of clearance. Obviously, if any live lice are found, the verification procedure will begin again.
  5. Parents who continue to send their children to school without following the prescribed treatment procedures or who fail to send their children back to school treated in a reasonable amount of time will be referred to the proper authorities. Children sent to school in violation of this guideline will be liable for prosecution for criminal trespass.

Lice Control Guidelines - Spanish

Distrito Escolar Del Condado de Cherokee Normas Sanitarias Control de Piojos El Distrito Escolar del condado de Cherokee ha establecido las siguientes normas para prevenir la propagación de piojos entre los alumnos que no se hayan contagiado. Estas normas fueron establecidas para proteger la salud de toda la comunidad estudiantil como así también los sentimientos y bienestar emocional de los alumnos identificados.
  1. En todo momento, se tratará con discreción y sensibilidad a los alumnos que estén sufriendo una infestación activa de piojos.
  2. Cuando se detecte a un alumno infestado con piojos, se lo separará de los otros alumnos. Se intentará contactar a los padres para que vengan a buscarlo y comience inmediatamente el tratamiento.
  3. Se informará a los padres que el alumno no podrá regresar a la escuela hasta que ocurra una de las siguientes dos alternativas:
    1. El cabello del niño ha sido tratado y ya no tiene liendres, ó
    2. Los padres proveen una declaración escrita por un médico o el Departamento de Salud, en la que se verifica que el niño ya no puede contagiar.
  4. Todos los alumnos tratados serán revisados nuevamente al regresar a la escuela, aún si presentan la nota con el visto bueno. Obviamente, si se encuentran liendres vivas, el procedimiento de verificación comenzará otra vez.
  5. Los padres que continúen enviando a sus hijos a la escuela sin seguir los procedimientos de tratamiento prescriptos, o que envíen a sus hijos antes de haberlos tratado por un tiempo razonable, serán remitidos a las autoridades competentes. Los alumnos que sean enviados a la escuela, en infracción de esta norma, estarán expuestos a un proceso judicial por ingreso ilegal a la propiedad.

State-Required Immunizations for Purposes of Student Enrollment (PDF)

School Nutrition

Note:  The online application for Free and Reduced Meals in Cherokee County School District will be available later this summer.  

Free and Reduced Price ONLINE Meal Application

WHY TO APPLY:  Five Ways Free/Reduced Meals Status Helps Your Child and Your School

Donation Tracking Form

Request Form for Refund/Transfer/Pay It Forward

Enrollment Guidelines

Enrollment Guidelines for Educating the Homeless (PDF)

State-Required Immunizations for Purposes of School Enrollment (PDF)

Other Enrollment Information

2021-22 Monthly (3) Enrollment Report

2021-22 Monthly (2) Enrollment Report

2021-22 Monthly (1) Enrollment Report

Monthly Attendance Report

"Child Find" Information

Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

These forms (physicals, participation, handbook, etc.) can be found at

Home Study Guidelines for Participation in Activities 

Home Study Declaration

Other Forms

Volunteer-Mentor Application 2021-22

Volunteer-Mentor Application 2021-22 (Spanish)

Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Background Check Form (PDF)

Guidelines for Volunteers and Mentors 

Volunteer Information: Indicators of Possible Child Abuse

High School Parking Permits:  please contact your high school

School Choice/Reassignment February 1-March 1:  Student Reassignment (includes CCSD STEM and Fine Arts Academies)

The Reassignment window for 2021-22 School Year is closed.

Student Reassignment Guidelines (includes list of open schools):  READ FIRST, SY2021-22

Student Reassignment Application SY2021-22

Medical or Psychological Hardship Form, SY2021-22

CCSD Education Choices 2021: A Parent Guide to School Choice

Summer School Enrollment

UPDATE 6/2/2021: CCSD Summer School Course Registration is now closed. To participate in late registration, please visit the appropriate summer school site, Cherokee High School or Etowah High School on June 3, 2021 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.