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Virtual Learning Credit Recovery


Joy Silk
Supervisor, Digital Learning

Dr. Amanda Ruiz
Coordinator, Student Academic Services


Credit Recovery (Apex Learning)

When considering credit recovery opportunities, it is essential that the student consult with their guidance counselor to better understand the options that are available along with the impact these options may have on high school credits and graduation.  The Apex Learning program is used at CCSD to provide digital course content primarily for Credit Recovery purposes.  Each High School offers credit recovery during the traditional day, before school, after school or during the summer school session.

School Day Offerings:  Credit recovery through Apex is available at certain school locations where juniors and seniors who have previously taken a course but did not receive credit are eligible for the credit recovery option during the regular school day using digital content that has been aligned to Georgia state standards (limited enrollment based on school).  This is a comprehensive, engaging, individualized learning program with a teacher facilitator monitoring progress and assisting students during the period.

Before, After & Summer Session Offerings:  Credit recovery through Apex before, after or during summer school (also known as credit connect) provides an opportunity for students to retake a course previously failed.  Credit Connect courses through Apex are aligned to Georgia state standards.  This is a comprehensive, engaging, individualized learning program with a teacher facilitator monitoring progress and assisting students during the period.  This is a tuition based program with each 1/2 credit course (.5 unit) costing $200.  Students may take up to two courses per semester. Any course started must be completed within the semester. There are no refunds.

Please speak with your school counselor for more information on Credit Recovery opportunities.  The student/parent must complete the Apex approval form (please see your counselor or Apex instructor). Failure to turn in a prior approval form to your school counselor will result in any course taken on-line to not be approved for credit in Cherokee County. Please contact your counselor if you have questions.

Other Online Providers: Our recommendation is for students to recover credits through the Cherokee County School District (during the school year or summer session).  Always make sure that the course you are taking will fulfill the necessary requirements for high school credit and graduation.  If you choose to explore other providers for your credit recovery needs, the student must first meet with their school counselor to discuss plans for recovery and complete the On-Line Course Approval Form (see counselor for more information).  Bring the On-Line Course Approval Form and the course description from the institution you have chosen to your counselor as soon as possible. Failure to fill out this form in advance (with the proper school approval) and meet with your counselor will result in the course being denied for credit.

Note:  Your counselor can assist in scheduling a course to be retaken with a teacher during the regular school day.  Teacher taught classes are also available during the summer sessions.  Please consult the school calendar and your counselor for more details.  The ability to retake a course through a teacher taught setting typically allows for a depth of knowledge and skill that are usually fostered through the working relationship between the student and teacher.