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Registration Gateway: Helpful Hints & FAQ

Last Updated: 1/28/2022 8:40 PM

Parents who have questions or who need assistance can email CCSD staff at 

Who can use this system?
Registration Gateway will open Feb. 1, 2022 for parents of children who will be new to CCSD for next school year. Only a parent or legal guardian, living in Cherokee County at the same address as the student, may enroll a student. 

How does the system work?
The system is very easy to use and begins with you creating a username and password. You then will click through fillable pages to collect basic information about you, your child and your emergency contacts in order to complete the enrollment process.  You will select your child's school from a drop-down menu (if you do not know your child's school, please see our online boundary maps here).  After completing the process, the school will coordinate an appointment for you to bring legally required documents to the school so they can be verified and your enrollment completed. .

What if I don’t have access to a computer/Internet?
Please contact the school your child will attend to schedule a time to come in and use a computer there.

Why do I need to come in person to the school?
Schools are legally required to collect copies of specific documents in order to enroll students. You’ll be bringing those in person so they can be verified by school front office staff. Completing the online registration process at home at your convenience will save you time.

What documents do I need to bring to the school? Can’t I just scan them in and email them?
Here is a link to the list of documents you will need to bring to the school. You must bring these records in person so they can be verified by front office staff -- the staff will scan them into the system while you wait and return the originals to you.

What if I forget my password?
The system allows you to easily reset it yourself.

Is the system available in Spanish?
The Registration Gateway is available in English and Spanish. If you need additional assistance, please contact the school your child will attend, so it can provide an interpreter/translator.

How long does it take?
The online registration process takes about 15 to 20 minutes; the appointments also will be brief… your legally required documents will be reviewed and verified (and scanned and uploaded). If you need to stop before completing registration, you can save your information to finish the process at another time.

What if I need to register twins?
You will need to register each of them separately online, but you only will need to go to the school once to bring in your records. If you have any issues with the system allowing you to make both appointments for the same time, please call the front office of the school they will attend, so the staff can note your situation and be prepared for your appointment.

Can I fill the forms out using a smartphone?
While the system is web-based, using a laptop or desktop computer or tablet to complete the online forms is recommended for best results.

What if I need to stop and finish later?
You can save your work and return to the file to complete it. When you log back in to complete it, the system will open on the start page, but you only need to click ahead to where you stopped. The information you submitted will be saved.

What does a red asterisk mean?
It means you’re required to answer that question/provide that information.

What if I need to apply for Free or Reduced Lunch?
A link to that application is included in the online system. You will need to know your household income in order to complete the application.

How do I ensure everyone who needs to receive emergency notifications gets them?
Enter your contacts in order of priority and note whether you want the contact to receive notifications. Our notification system can send emails and texts to four contacts per student and make automated phone calls to eight contacts per student. You additionally will need to subscribe to our School Messenger system in order to receive texts; instructions are posted here.

What happens after this process?
For incoming kindergarteners, each school will contact its new families with information about a “first visit” for kindergartners in the spring to include a one-on-one academic assessment by a teacher to gauge kindergarten readiness.  For all other new students, you will receive information over the summer from CCSD, which also will be posted on the website, providing you with important back-to-school information including a schedule of meet-and-greet/walk-through events. 

Who can I contact if I need help?
Please contact the front office of the school your child will attend for help with questions about: general enrollment information, legally required documents, the kindergarten readiness assessment, making an appointment to use a computer at the school and/or receive assistance from an interpreter/translator. If you have a question in regard to technical help with the Registration Gateway system, please email