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Meal Charge Procedure and Substitute Meal

Last Updated: 5/25/2018 2:40 PM


Charging breakfast and/or lunch is for emergencies only and should not be considered as a choice on a routine basis.

Meal Charge Procedure and Substitute Meal

The policy for students without adequate funds to purchase school meals allow them to charge up to $10.00.  Students, who do not have money and who have a negative account balance of $10.00, will receive a substitute meal.  The cost of a substitute meal is .75 cents and consists of a sandwich, juice or milk and one serving of fruit or vegetable.

Students who owe for charges are not allowed to purchase supplemental sale items.

Supplemental sale items cannot be charged.  The signed parental permission form must be on file if a student is not allowed to purchase a supplemental sale item from their account.

To prevent your child from being offered a substitute meal, please provide money for your student’s meals each day or prepay for meals in advance.  School cafeterias make every effort to inform students and parents when funds are low with notices sent home via students, verbal reminders to students, and or emails.

Parents are responsible to ensure that children have an adequate lunch from home or sufficient funds to purchase school meals.  To assist parents, student account balances can be monitored at any time via our online payment program ( .  This service can be used regardless of whether you use the online funding option (a service fee is charged) or send cash or checks directly to the school.  Create an account for each student, then throughout the year monitor the student meal account balance (or fund their account).  Add your student(s) by entering their student ID# and selecting their school.  The account balance displays in the middle of the screen.  We highly recommend that you set a Low Balance Alert ($10 or higher is suggested) using the links on the page to receive an email reminder when funds are low.

During the month of May, students who owe $5 or more will not be allowed to charge meals and will receive a substitute meal (the cost is .75 cents).