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Summer Discovery

Enrichment Classes for Elementary Students


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Two Sessions and Two Locations

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Monday, June 8- Friday, June 12, 2020

Hickory Flat Elementary School

2755 East Cherokee Drive

Canton, GA 30115


Liberty Elementary School

10500 Bells Ferry Road

Canton, GA 30114

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  • Once Upon A “STEM” Activities (1st-3rd) Once Upon a STEM Activities……… Let’s dive into summer with an exciting week of STEAM challenges based on the topic of fairy tales. Do you like hands-on experiments, building, and creating projects? This week we will focus on the following challenges: Egg Drop Contest, Marshmallow Structures, Tall Towers Structure Cup Challenge, and How Strong is Spaghetti. Julie Key – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Backyard All Stars (1st-3rd) This non-stop, action-packed camp allows students to experience a variety of team sports. Each day, students will learn the rules of various sports, engage in skill builders, and put their new skills to the test through exciting games. We will also encourage good sportsmanship through character words of the day. We will end the week with the ultimate team sports tournament!! ALL skill levels are welcome- come join the fun! Paige Chandler, Meredith Rocker – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Legos and Airplanes! (4th-5th) A Lego-themed program designed to give your child hands-on experience building and learning, challenging each student through imaginative play in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment. This Lego program will help students enhance their fine motor skills, counting, and problem-solving skills as well as promote interests in science and engineering. Your child will receive instructions and supplies to release their creativity while working with others, effectively strengthening their communication and leadership skills, and consistently explore the different ways they can expand on what they create. This camp will also explore and create paper airplanes. There will be challenges to see which design can reach the finish line! Amanda Rodriguez – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Disney on Broadway (1st-3rd) Sing, dance, and act out scenes from Disney musicals in the Disney on Broadway Class! Campers will use child friendly scripts to perform songs, dances, and scenes from Disney musicals. No prior experience is necessary. This is a great class to sign your child up for if they are interested in trying out any aspect of musical theater. Campers will perform their scenes onstage during the last day of camp! Lauren Caccavone – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Bit by Bit, Let’s Stay Fit (1st-3rd) –Let's play! This class is designed to use a variety of sport related games to engage kids in physical fitness, motor development and best of all self- confidence! So put those video games down and let's have some FUN!!! Heather Garrett – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Bippity Boppity Boo….Do you want to be a princess too? (1st- 3rd) Participants will learn proper etiquette, play royal games, and make royal crafts to name a few. We will end the week with a “Royal Princess Ball” to celebrate all that we’ve learned! Kelly Gilstrap, Christina Scales – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Instrument Workshop (4th–5th) The students will study how instruments are created and the science behind the sound. The students will then design, create, and name their musical instruments. The final day, the students will perform their instruments for the class. Rebekah Goss – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Broadway Baby! (4th– 5th) The sun will come out tomorrow as you learn the basics of musical theater. Students will learn music, choreography, and basic acting skills as they work on producing scenes from the hit musical Annie. Amy Youngblood – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • STEAM Ahead for Superheroes! (4th-5th) Calling all superheroes! Grab your super skills and join us to save the world with the power of STEAM! Find out if your lungs can hold as much air as Aquaman’s; if you are as strong as Wonder Woman; what forces Iron Man and Superman use to fly; how Spider-Man uses a web; and if you can engineer Batman a new Batmobile. You won’t want to miss these out-of-this-world experiments and incredible activities where both your wits and imagination will be put to the superhero test! Karen Garland – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Minecraft Mania (4th-5th) Calling all Minecraft maniacs! Join me for for a week of collaboration in the 3D world of Minecraft Edu. Let your imagination soar as your characters journey through various worlds with a limitless opportunity to build, discover, code and problem solve. Naticia Zocca – Morning  or Afternoon Session Available

  • Build Me Up Buttercup (4th-5th) Calling all girls who love engineering! Join me for a week of building everything from towers and bridges to Minecraft houses and computer programs. One thing's for sure, you'll definitely build new friendships! Naticia Zocca – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Fairy Tale STEAM (4th-5th) Join us for a week of enchanted engineering! Design, build, paint, sing and dance your way through Arandell, Agrabah, the French countryside and many more fantastic locations! Naticia Zocca – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Painting Palooza (1st-3rd) Dive into the creative and beautiful world of painting! Learn skills for painting with acrylics and water colors, recreate a famous piece of art, make a jungle scene come to life, and much more. All are welcome, whether you have never picked up a paintbrush or you are a master painter! Rebekah Mitchell – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Hands on Herpetology (4th-5th) Calling all lovers of animals slimy, scaly, or slippery! Get hands on with snakes, frogs, turtles, and more during this week-long exploration into the world of herpetology-the study of reptiles and amphibians. We will be exploring various habitats, observing different animal adaptations, playing games, and creating models of some of these amazing creatures. Katie Fasnacht – Morning Session Only


  • All roads lead (back) to Rome! (4th-5th) Travel back in time and learn about the ancient Romans! We'll make and shoot mini- catapults, build a Roman road, play Roman games like tali (dice), taste Roman food, create mosaics and millefiori "glass", try on togas and learn a little Latin, too! See how the Romans influence our lives today in architecture, literature, art, and language. Carpe diem! – Allison Smock – Morning Session Only

  • Basketball “FUNdamentals” (4th-5th) Students will practice the basic skills needed to become a better basketball player. Dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, boxing out and rebounding will all be covered in a way that is fun and engaging for all ability levels. Michael L’Esperance – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Summer Creation Fab Lab (4th - 5th) Come join me in the Summer Creation Fab Lab! You can quickly learn how to code Dash robots to play music, draw, and navigate obstacle course;, create marble mazes that defy gravity; test your engineering skills with building challenges, and discover how to create stop motion animation movies. I'm ready to get started. Are you? Denise Lewis – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Digital Discovery (4th - 5th) Come explore entertaining computer programs like Adobe Spark, Sway, Nearpod, Flipgrid, and engaging apps like Apple Pages, Keynote, and Clips. We’ll even do come coding and creating webpages! Our amazing projects will include writing, photographs, and videos. Belinda Callahan – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Dronecraft: Mine, Build & Fly (1st–3rd) MINECRAFT for experienced and beginner players, including "Build Battles" and other challenges. DRONE Flight lessons with obstacles courses. Strategy Games and more! April Bryant – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • This and That! (1st- 3rd) This and That! Is jam-packed with exciting activities including arts and crafts, a variety of games, song and dance, and hands on science experiments. Each day will consist of a different theme and will include: S’more Camping Day, Diving into the Ocean Day, Plush Pet Day, Dinosaur Dig Day, and Wacky Water Day. Come and join the excitement with us. You won’t want to miss it! Jessica DeLuca – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Art & Nature Combine Forces! (1st– 3rd) What happens when you combine art and nature?! Amazing things! Join Mrs. Daniel in an exciting adventure where art and nature join forces. We will explore sun prints, make our own pinhole cameras, leaf and flower prints, and self-portraits using items from nature, just to name a few activities. Kristin Daniel – Morning Session Only

  • Junkyard Wars (4th-5th) In this eco-friendly S.T.E.M. program students will recycle common everyday items to create different mechanisms and racers. The program is divided into a series of challenges where students will compete to accomplish specific tasks and goals. Each challenge combines environmental principles, physics, and basic elements of design and engineering. After mastering the basic concepts, students will face a final challenge to earn the title Junkyard Warrior and become protectors of the environment. Whitney Amos – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • STEMtastic Summer (1st-3rd) STEMtastic Summer is designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to students in a fun and engaging way. The students learn basic STEM skills while making new friends and improving social skills. Amy Zangaro – Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Science experiments that don’t bite! (4th - 5th) Eat glass? Worms? Rocks…oh my! Come experience the taste of glass, worms, rocks and many more edible Science experiments! See what you have been missing! Tammy Johnson - Morning Session Only

  • Buckle Your Seat Belts! Let’s Travel the World! (1st – 3rd) This is your flight attendant speaking! Please hold tight as we explore the world's wildest animals, craziest land forms, and most interesting places on Earth! Space on this flight will fill up fast so grab your ticket now! You don't want to miss out on these exciting activities that will take your mind and imagination where it has never gone before! Carli Marinelli– Morning or Afternoon Session Available

  • Mission Minecraft! (4th-5th) Want to show your creativity and problem solving ability? Join us for all things Minecraft. We’ll be building, coding, and working together on daily challenges. Let’s hone our craft in Minecraft! Belinda Callahan – Morning or Afternoon Session Available