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2021 Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Essay Contest Winner

Last Updated: 1/5/2022 4:40 PM


By Sawyer Swift, Woodstock Middle School

Riverkeeping is a fantastic job. The Riverkeeper’s average annual salary is 64,588 dollars. The salary range is 35,165 dollars to 118,631 dollars. You will need a bachelor's degree in either environment, science, or policy field.

The Riverkeeper has a lot of responsibilities. They must manage the bank, weed cut, stock fish, (if necessary) creating habitations for fish, and they must tell the community. This might mean that as a Riverkeeper you must do guided walks. 

This career is especially important. Without riverkeepers we would have major flooding and tons of erosion. The fish population would deplete, and we would have unhealthy river ecosystems. 

I would, and I think everyone should consider this career. Riverkeeping is incredibly fun, you get to monitor the river’s health from a kayak! Also, you get to operate boats and cruise around. This is the perfect job for a true nature lover.

Clean water is important for our communities. First off, we need clean water for farming. Crops, not so much, but livestock need clean water, or they will get sick. We need clean water to drink as well. Salmonella and E. coli are two water borne illnesses that we can get from dirty water. Many countries do not have access to clean water, but we do, and we need to preserve it. 

Also, we need to have clean water for hygiene. Think of all the things we do around the house with water. Washing clothes, washing dishes, bathing, and the bathroom. Lastly, we need clean water for our food. You can boil bacteria out, but the dirt will still be there. No one wants dirt in their pasta. 

In conclusion, we need clean water for everything we do. It is important for us to keep our water sources clean and healthy. Therefore, the Riverkeeper is a particularly important job.