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BBBC – Board Member Development Opportunities

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Board Member Development Opportunities

The Cherokee County Board of Education places a high priority on the importance of a planned and continuing program of education for its members. The central purpose of the program is to enhance the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of public-school governance. The School Board will plan specific training activities designed to assist School Board members in their efforts to improve their skills as members of a policymaking body; to expand their knowledge about trends, issues, and new ideas affecting the continued welfare of our local schools; and to deepen their insights into the nature of leadership in a modern democratic society.

Funds may be budgeted annually to support the program. Individual School Board members will be reimbursed for expenses, according to State guidelines, incurred through participation in approved activities.

The School Board as a whole will retain the authority to approve or disapprove the participation of members in planned activities.

The School Board regards the following as the kinds of in-person and online activities and services appropriate for implementing this Policy:

1. Participation in School Board conferences, workshops and conventions held by the state and national school boards associations.

2. School District-sponsored training sessions for School Board members, including an annual Superintendent/School Board retreat.

3. State Board of Education sponsored training sessions.

All School Board members will comply with State Board Rule and/or State law as it pertains to annual training requirements. Such training sessions will be made available through the Georgia School Boards Association and other State Board of Education-approved training providers. Records of each members training will be maintained by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

ADOPTED: August 2, 2001     REVISED: July 16, 2020