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Last Updated: 7/28/2022 5:50 PM

The Cherokee County Secondary Science curriculum reflects national science goals, the Georgia Department of Education’s Performance Standards and Cherokee County Student Performance Standards. The study of science in Cherokee County is approached from the fundamental view that science is a dynamic discipline.   Technology, laboratory experiences, current science issues and real life problem-solving are an integral component of the science program.

For graduation, students shall earn at least four (4) units of credit in laboratory based science courses consisting of one (1) unit of a Physical Science or Physics, one (1) unit of Biology, one (1) unit of either Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science or an AP course and one (1) additional science unit. The fourth science unit may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements.

Teacher                                                   Email Address
Emily Allen
Robin Barnhorn
Melissa Bentley
Charlie Buck
Melissa Clarke
Kyle Davis
Maxine Ezell
Katie Freeman
Lana Glaus
Jon Gustin
Jodi Hall
Korina Hoopes
Tracie Johnson
Nicole Mastriforte
Jarrett McCall
Lori Pangburn *Department Head
Wesley Queen
Michelle Roberts
Mark Segall
Virginia Seng
Kayla Staton
Alicia Tamayo
Bethany Thomas
Riley Wilderman