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Character Education Award

Last Updated: 6/4/2020 4:08 PM

Clark Creek Elementary has cultivated a culture of caring that has centered around priding itself on the value of character by organizing students into groups/tribes who focus on developing students' intrinsic values through service learning projects. Students take part in creating, designing, experiencing, and reflecting on project-based service-learning projects that are based upon the needs of the community as students practice infusing taking part in moral action within their studies in order to promote learning to have compassion for others. This is attainable by dividing all stakeholders into six tribes that have integrated character connections. Through these partnerships with various community agencies, students are able to build background knowledge about the real-world problems that plague our local community and devise solutions to positively impact the people that reside within it. School-wide collaboration builds character through the service outcomes that are produced. This sustainable character education practice, where character is included within the six tribe structure, allows for students to see the importance and impact of servicing other in their community.


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