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Hybrid Model Expectations and Calendar

Last Updated: 9/4/2020 5:06 PM

Grizzly Student and Families –

As you know by now, Creekview High School will open back up in a hybrid model next Thursday September the 3rd. We will implement an A/B schedule where students with the last names that begin with A - K will come to school on “A” days and students with last names that begin with L - Z will come to school on “B” days. When not physically in school, students will work from home as directed by their teachers.  This will allow for greater social distancing in our classes and in the hallways.

Our goal is to be back in school with all students at one time.  We are hoping the Hybrid Model will be effective until we can all return to Face-to-Face, F2F, without high levels of quarantining students and staff that we saw the first two weeks.  Here is a summary of what school will look like while we are in the hybrid model.

  • Monday - Wednesday of next week, students will continue with Remote Learning.  Monday is periods 1,3,5,7 and Tuesday is 2,4,6 and Wednesday, homeroom is at 10:30.
  • The Hybrid Model then begins Thursday, 9/3.  We will have A & B days relating to students last names and when they should come to school for F2F instruction.  Students will attend periods 1 – 7 when they are on campus (F2F) and will work on periods 1- 7 at home as directed by their teachers (Remote learning) when they are home.
    • “A” Days – Students whose last names begins with A – K attend F2F on Monday and Thursday and are remote learning on Tuesday and Friday.
    • “B” Days – Students whose last names begins with L – Z attend on Tuesday and Friday F2F and are remote learning on Monday and Thursday.
    • On Wednesday, students will have required homeroom each Wednesday from 10:30 – 11:30. In the afternoon, teachers will be scheduling individual, small group and/or class sessions to check in and provide additional support to students.
    • When students are at home on alternating days, it is expected they are participating in all 7 classes as directed by their teachers.
  • In the mornings, students will report to the gym, cafeteria and media center and will be expected to social distance while waiting for the 8:25AM bell.
  • We will continue to use one-way directional hallways and have staggered class and end-of-day dismissals.
  • Students are expected to socially distance during lunch time.  The 25-minute study hall time will now be in the cafeteria.  Unlike the first two weeks of school, they will not have to leave to go to a classroom to allow another group of students to come eat.
  • A determination on how long to continue the Hybrid Model will be made on October 9th, at the end of the first quarter.  This will be determined by Creekview’s number of COVID cases and Quarantine.  With this in mind, all students are strongly encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Please use the attached Week at a Glance and Hybrid School Calendar so you are aware of what is expected each day.

We have gotten a lot of questions from students who do not currently have parking passes, but think in the hybrid model, with less drivers, they could park at the school now.  We are working through an equitable solution and will send information next Tuesday.

I could not be more thankful to our families and community for all that has been done these last 4 weeks to lift-up, encourage and celebrate our staff.  It is greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know, by the Creekview Staff.

I have had the opportunity over the last couple of days to join seven of our classes during their synchronous learning time.  The students were actively engaged in what was going on remotely.  They were answering questions, working problems, etc.  If I closed my eyes, I could picture a room full of students sitting in front of the teacher.  We know remote learning is not anyone’s first choice, but our students are definitely rising to the occasion.

Lastly, I can’t be more appreciative, proud, excited to see what is going on with our teachers!  They are some of the best educators on the planet!  They are doing great things with our kids and it is exciting to watch.

Grizzly Students – we love you and cannot wait to see you next Thursday and Friday!


I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with R&R.


Kindest Regards,

Dr. Susan Zinkil



Regular Bell Schedule

Week at a Glance

Hybrid Calendar through October 9