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Last Updated: 11/11/2022 3:56 PM
Name Position Email
Adams, Aimee Special Education Facilitator
Alderfer, Alison Science
Allen, Kristy Literature Composition
Azaroff, Jaime Social Studies
Bise, Kim Counselor
Bobo, Lia Social Studies
Brewer, Tricia Science
Burns, Lisa Instructional Lead Strategist
Burns, Megan Compass Program
Byers, Sara Front Office
Calabrese, Mindee Social Studies
Callahan, Jessie Literature Composition
Campbell, DeLaney Literature Composition
Campbell, Dennis Special Education
Campbell, Jennifer Computer Science
Carlson, Jessica Science
Carroll, Laure Paraprofessional ( Adapt Program)
Carwile, Andrew Special Education
Chestang, Amanda Social Studies
Christian, Tim Orchestra/Music
Coleman, Amanda Literature Composition
Colvin, David Math
Couch, Bekki Math
Cox-Newberry, Carson Counselor
Craig, Day Science
Dangar, Paula Media Specialist
Daniels, Makaila Paraprofessional
Day, Amy Math
DeHart, Lisa Special Education
DeSanctis, Linda Special Education
Diemer, Naomi Paraprofessional
Diss, Mark Science
Duke, Krista Math
Echt, Melissa Special Education
Edwards, Sarah Literature Composition
Elliott, Douglas Careers
Evans, Jennifer Social Studies
Freunscht, Kyle Literature Composition
Garner, Debbie Social Studies
Glatzhofer, Julie Special Education

Gorczyca, Lisa Paraprofessional (Compass Program)
Kyle, Sydney Special Education
Hard, Donna Paraprofessional
Harper, Misty Science
Helmuth, Courtney Science
Herrera, Laura Social Studies
Hester, Jake Boys PE
Hoerr, Erin Science
Horton, Sebrina Math
Hultquist, Valerie ESOL
Hutcheson, Stephanie Special Education
Hutto, Teresa STEM
Jackson, Bo Math
Jackson, Bonnie Math
Jasman, Courtney Math
Jones, Jennifer Literature Composition
Jorczak, Betsy Family and Consumer Science
Kerr, Misty Math
Knight, Rex Math
Koger, Laurie Paraprofessional (Reach Program)
Lawson, Sara ESOL
Lynch, Christine Nurse
Amy MacNeill Literature Composition
Malavenda, Laura Special Education
Marble, Syretha Girls PE
Martin, Josh Assistant Principal
Mason. Barbie Special Education
Mason, Lindsay Science
McClellan, Patricia Cafeteria Manager
McDonald, Lloyd Band
Mitchell, David Technology
Mitchell, Courtni Math
Morris, Keisha Literature Composition
Mynatt, Melissa Front Office
Naliwajka, Lisa Science
Nelson, Jessica Special Education
Neubert, Paula Social Studies
Owens, Lee Ann Math
Pendergraft, Jacob Social Studies
Pichon, Cassie Science
Poje, DeDee Special Education
Powell, Leslie Science
Pruitt, Chuch Social Studies
Pryor, Melanie Special Education
Ray, Karen Principal Secretary
Rensel, Emily Literature Composition
Rich, Lisa Assistant Principal
Richards, Ryan Special Education
Rivera, Veronica Spanish/Spanish Cultures
Robbins, Tiffany Literature Composition
Rogers, Katrina Social Studies
Rogers, Maria Paraprofessional (Engage Program)
Ross, Greg Latin
Rudolph, Amy Engineering and Technology
Rump, Melanie Bookkeeper
Russell, Jennifer French
Salter, Joe Chorus
Santana, Santiago Literature Composition
Savasir, Adem Literature Composition
Schroter, Jennifer Science
Scott, Greg Boys PE
Shade, Jami Social Studies
Singer, Paul Boys PE
Strickland, Connie Art
Stovall, Taylor Special Education
Swanson, Julie Girls PE
Swanson, Sonia Registrar
Tansy, Jennifer Math
Taylor, Kyle Science
Thomason, Amy Social Studies
Thomason, Jason Special Education
Townsend, Jennifer Front Office
Usry, Tom Assistant Principal
Vaccaro, Christy Social Studies
Verner, Amanda Adapt Program
Wagoner, Kim Literature Composition
Wallace, Amy Special Education
Waters, Meredith Math
Weaver, Mallory Counselor
Weinbaum, Dawn Principal
West, Robyn Literature Composition
Williams, Kasi Counselor
Young, Amanda Math
Yursis, Katey In School Suspension