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2019 Support Staff Employee of the Year Profiles

ACE Academy

Kathy Frost, Administrative Secretary

Two years of service

In her Principal’s words: “At ACE Academy, each staff member has multiple duties.  Kathy handles her duties with grace and commitment to her school and her students.  A list of those duties does not even begin to describe the day Kathy has at ACE.  We are very fortunate to have a gem like Kathy who works without fret, who assists without fuss, and who loves our children.”

Congratulations, Kathy Frost!  


Arnold Mill Elementary School

June Landers, School Secretary

Seven years of service, with one year in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “With June’s positive attitude and her hyper-organization techniques, our front office runs smoother than it ever had! June always has a smile on her face. She greets every employee, parent and student with kindness and consistency.  June is thorough in every task she does and, as a result, she exudes excellence.”

Congratulations, June Landers!


Avery Elementary School

Phil Honea, Lead Custodian

Nine years of service

In his Principal’s words: “Mr. Phil is a top-notch performer… a natural-born leader… and a familiar and friendly face about Avery.  All the students know him.  The students love Mr. Phil so much that they asked to have a Custodian Appreciation Day.  The students even have created a jingle sung throughout the school about the great work that Mr. Phil does at Avery.”

Congratulations, Phil Honea!


Ball Ground Elementary School STEM Academy

Lisa Adams, School Nutrition Cafeteria Manager

21 years of service, with 13 in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Above all else, Ms. Adams puts children first.  She works diligently to get to know each of the students she serves.  She calls the students by name as they come through the service line and asks them specific questions about the events in their lives such as, ‘How did your game go this weekend?’ or ‘Did you get to ride your new bike after school yesterday?’”

Congratulations, Lisa Adams!


Bascomb Elementary School

Deanna Rechsteiner, Bookkeeper

12 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Deanna volunteers her time and talents to build relationships with the entire school community.  She works closely with the PTA to ensure all events run smoothly.  She is often asked to mentor new bookkeepers due to her exemplary role as a true professional.  Most importantly, Deanna is a true friend to all faculty and staff.  She is there for smiles, as well as for tears.”

Congratulations, Deanna Rechsteiner!


Boston Elementary School

Karen Cohen, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

16 years of service, with six in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “She is an invaluable part of not only our special education department, but of our staff as a whole.  Ms. Cohen is patient, warm and nurturing with all students, not just the ones that she is assigned to.  Students feel safe and valued with her.  She takes the time to learn curriculum and the needs of students in order to serve them in the most effective manner.”

Congratulations, Karen Cohen!


Carmel Elementary School

Sharon Borg, Kindergarten Paraprofessional

25 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Ms. Borg never has a quiet moment in her day.  If she has a free moment, she will head to another classroom or to the office to see what she can do to help.  She does anything and everything and never once complains.  She takes the initiative to do whatever needs to be done… sometimes before anyone else realizes it needs to be done!”

Congratulations, Sharon Borg!


CCSD Preschool Centers

Katie Flowers, Speech Language Pathologist

Four years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Katie goes above and beyond the typical speech language pathologist expectations.  She is a role model for teachers and consistently provides materials for her students’ teachers to bridge the gap between therapy sessions and classroom instruction. Katie’s students are challenging to successfully engage, but her calm, child-friendly and positive demeanor and interactions yield positive outcomes.”

Congratulations, Katie Flowers!


Cherokee High School

Wendy Wemmer, Counseling Secretary

Four years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Ms. Wemmer works directly with our students, staff and parents with respect and dignity and is an incredible asset to Cherokee High School and, ultimately, our School District.  She is very informative and always willing to help.  She is truly a team player and willing to go above and beyond for the success of the overall operation of our school.”

Congratulations, Wendy Wemmer!


Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy

Nancy Stephan, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

Four years of service, two in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Relationships, dedication and hard work are all attributes displayed by Ms. Stephan.  Given the size of our building and the number of students we serve at Clark Creek, it is unusual for a support staff member to be loved and recognized by staff and students alike.  But both within our school and across our community, Ms. Stephan is known for her unflagging dedication to Clark Creek and its students.”

Congratulations, Nancy Stephan!


Clayton Elementary School

Glenda Lanier, Student Records Facilitator

31 years of service, 18 in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “She truly is the ‘heart’ of Clayton and cares deeply for our teachers and Cougar families.  Ms. Glenda is such a valuable resource in the records facilitator position because of her unique and extensive knowledge of the community and family histories… and she has worked diligently over the years to learn new student information systems and to ensure our transition to an online student registration system was seamless.”

Congratulations, Glenda Lanier!


Creekland Middle School

Kathy Murphy, Special Education Paraprofessional

13 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Not only does Ms. Murphy go above and beyond at the school level, she also serves as a leader outside of her professional duties.  She serves as liaison for the Special Olympics, help fundraise for muscular dystrophy, helps facilitate the Friends Club and sits on the board for Dawson County United Way.  Her life’s work is to positively impact the lives of students who need her most – this is not just her job.”

Congratulations, Kathy Murphy!


Creekview High School

Margie Paul, Special Education Paraprofessional

Eight years of service

In her Principal’s words: “We have never met anyone who so passionately invests their time and energy into making each activity a success.  She has a genuine love for her students and co-workers.  Her motto is ‘Lean In,’ meaning that, whenever you see a need or way you can help a person or situation, you just jump in and help.  Margie always lives by this motto and does not have to be asked to do anything.”

Congratulations, Margie Paul!


Dean Rusk Middle School

Christy Bennett, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

Seven years of service, four in current role

In her Principal’s words: “Her first focus is on the students she serves.  Building relationships with students is her goal.  She understands that, if the student knows she cares, then they will want to know how she can help them.  She also contributes to the positive learning in the classrooms. Teachers are thrilled to have Ms. Bennett as part of their daily lessons and activities.”

Congratulations, Christy Bennett!


E.T. Booth Middle School

Emily Iwane, Principal’s Secretary

Two years of service

In her Principal’s words: “She is highly respected by the other members of the front office staff, who often tell me how much they enjoy working with her.  Teachers, particularly those that have been at E.T. Booth for several years, often tell me how much they appreciate having Emily on our campus.  Even when something happens at the last minute, Emily is able to stay calm and positive.”

Congratulations, Emily Iwane!


Etowah High School

June Pollack, Administrative Secretary

Five years of service

In her Principal’s words: “June’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of her position serve as an exemplary model for everyone.  She is involved with community outreach with Shop with an Eagle.  She has basically taken over textbook inventory, distribution and accountability for our school.  She is always willing to ‘cross-train’ and learn new jobs to help the school.”

Congratulations, June Pollack!


Free Home Elementary School

Wendy Comelitti, Principal’s Secretary/Student Facilitator

13 years of service, with five in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “If Wonder Woman had a day job, her name would be Wendy Comelitti.  She has super-human strength and durability, as she can lift a box of textbooks, while also bridging the gap between parents and staff.  She can glide through the air and use her golden lasso to corral a runaway kindergartner.  She has omnilingualism and can communicate with even the most upset and difficult parent or toothless first-grader.”

Congratulations, Wendy Comelitti!


Freedom Middle School

Gary Howell, Custodian

10 years of service

In his Principal’s words: “He takes pride in our school and works endlessly to maintain a clean, safe school that is noticed by all who enter our doors.  You can always find him arriving early and staying late to make sure our facility is ready for the next day.  As a member of the Freedom family, Mr. Howell is dependable, honest and highly respected for what he does to make our school better.  We are blessed to recognize him.” 

Congratulations, Gary Howell!


Hasty Elementary School Fine Arts Academy

Mandy Brannon, Bookkeeper                                      

19 years of service, 13 in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Mandy is one of the most dependable and capable professionals that I have ever worked with.  Perhaps the most valuable and encouraging thing about Ms. Brannon is the energy she brings to the job.  No matter how busy she is or how many tasks she has to complete, she attacks everything with the same tenacity, and always achieves the same success.”

Congratulations, Mandy Brannon!


Hickory Flat Elementary School

Jenny Juneghani, School Nurse

In her first year of service

In her Principal’s words: “In the one year that she has served in this capacity, Nurse ‘JJ’ has radically improved the climate in her clinic.  She has uniquely woven the fabric of our Thunderbird ‘Think It’ Trinket and #BeKind initiative into everything that she does while serving as a nurse.  All who enter the walls of her clinic are reminded that they are a beautiful, unique masterpiece – even if they don’t feel like it.” 

Congratulations, Jenny Juneghani!


Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy

Laura Killen, School Psychologist

Four years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Ms. Killen has a calm demeanor and presents information to parents in a professional manner during meetings that can be complex and difficult to process.  Her flexibility in meeting a demanding schedule and always making timelines is impeccable.  She goes above and beyond expectations as evident in her working extended hours to meet the needs of the students and school.”

Congratulations, Laura Killen!


Indian Knoll Elementary School

Tammy Grummer, Bookkeeper

15 years of service, with eight in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “The catchphrase that she exemplifies is: ‘She is the glue that holds everyone together!’  She takes on many other duties and responsibilities with pleasure.  Tammy has a very strong work ethic.  I’ve been an administrator in seven schools during my career, and Tammy is, by far, the most efficient bookkeeper I have ever had the pleasure to supervise.”

Congratulations, Tammy Grummer!


Johnston Elementary School

Leigh Ghorley, Bookkeeper

Three years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Not only is she our bookkeeper, but she is, as I like to call her ‘the do-er of all things.’  She genuinely cares for every person in our building, and you can find her checking in on staff about personal situations in which they have confided in her.  Not only is she amazing, efficient and supportive in her role as bookkeeper, but Leigh brings such joy and positivity to our school.”

Congratulations, Leigh Ghorley!


Knox Elementary School STEM Academy

Trina Hutchison, Registrar

Five years of service, four in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Trina demonstrates the family warmth we strive to show all Knox Knights.  Nervous parents leave her with a feeling of comfort, knowing we will give our best to their children.  She demonstrated grace and resiliency in a seamless transition to adding our new Canton friends to the Knox family.  One would never know that we added over 250 students this school year.”

Congratulations, Trina Hutchison!


Liberty Elementary School

Karla Reinhart, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

Four years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Karla has a giving heart.  She has a willingness to help those she serves to look for their inner strengths and talents.  Karla has worked as a certified teacher in the past and sees herself as a second person who can assist the teacher to provide instructional supports. She gets more hugs during the day by so many students as she shows them respect and teaches them how to be respectful to others.”

Congratulations, Karla Reinhart!


Little River Elementary School

Suzanne Newman, Kindergarten Paraprofessional

14 years of service, with 10 in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Suzanne is someone who doesn’t like the limelight, and she believes that what she does each day is what she is called to do.  She is absolutely amazing!  I wish I had a school full of Suzanne Newmans because she is just that caliber of worker.  The students love her in the classroom, and she loves shaping them for the future.”

Congratulations, Suzanne Newman!


Macedonia Elementary School

Stephanie Greene, Registrar

15 years of service, with one year in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Stephanie Greene exudes joy in her everyday interactions with staff, students, parents and all other stakeholders.  She is famous for her ‘Happy Birthday’ song and dance that she performs when students come to the office for their birthday prize.  She maintains a high level of energy from her early mornings at 6:30 a.m. to the 6 p.m. After School Program end time – and she drinks decaf coffee!”

Congratulations, Stephanie Greene!


Mill Creek Middle School

Thania Molina, School Nurse

2 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Her compassion and love for everyone was immediately felt by the students and staff.  From the beginning, Nurse Molina set a positive mood in the clinic.  She treats each student as if they were her own, and each staff member like they are a part of her family.  She is an inspiration to all of those who meet her and experience her warmth and kindness.  Our school, our community, and our county are better because of Thania.”

Congratulations, Thania Molina!


Mountain Road Elementary School

Danelle Anderson, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

12 years of service, nine in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Ms. Anderson is a dedicated para, but that’s only a small part of all that she does.  She is also an After School Program coordinator, assists with the Garden Club, and helps with our Friends Helping Friends Club.  Ms. Anderson is always willing to do whatever anyone needs and can be counted on to do it with a smile.  Everyone at our school loves her and has nothing but wonderful things to say about her.”

Congratulations, Danelle Anderson!


Oak Grove Elementary School Fine Arts Academy

Nadia Jones, School Nurse

Two years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Nadia is an exceptional school nurse.  Her nursing experiences in a pediatric office well-prepared her for the transition to school nurse.  Besides being a great nurse, Nadia has a welcoming smile, pleasant demeanor, and caring attitude that make her an exceptional person.  She demonstrates kindness to every student and staff member at our school.  She is the heart of our school!”

Congratulations, Nadia Jones!


R.M. Moore Elementary School STEM Academy

Dottie Townsend, Registrar

24 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Dottie has been a fixture at R.M. Moore for many years, and she takes her job personally.  She truly cares about our families and the Waleska community.  In addition to registering numerous generations of students, Dottie has made an impact on countless families.  Over the years, she has gone out of her way to help families in need, but never boasts nor desires any recognition.  Dottie loves the school and has the biggest heart.”

Congratulations, Dottie Townsend!


River Ridge High School

Virginia Elder, Principal’s Secretary

20 years of service, with 10 in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Virginia is a true servant leader.  In addition to all of her duties and responsibilities, which are quite extensive, she sponsors the school’s Interact Club.  Her passion and no-nonsense attitude help her focus on what’s most important in life.  When it is all about business, there’s no fluff, and it is serious.  When it is all about helping others and doing good deeds for the school and the community, her heart shines through.”

Congratulations, Virginia Elder!


Sequoyah High School

Lori Jones, Custodian

Seven years of service, five in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Lori is loyal to the students, staff and community of Sequoyah High School and bleeds black and gold.  Lori consistently and continuously performs her job at the highest level.  Additionally, she takes the lead on cleaning the campus following events to make sure the building and campus is ready for when the students return.  If you need something done, Lori is just a radio call away.”

Congratulations, Lori Jones!


Sixes Elementary School

Deena Smith, Bookkeeper

15 years of service, with six in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “If asked why she chooses to work in an elementary school, Deena surely would not talk about the pay or her vacation time.  Deena would tell you, without hesitation, she does this job because she loves children, and she lives her life in service to others.  She gets the biggest smile on her face listening to our children when they come into the office or when she is working as ‘The Smencil Lady’ (a name given to her by our students).  Deena brings joy to our students whenever she has the opportunity to interact with them.”

Congratulations, Deena Smith!


Teasley Middle School

Sharon Tatum, Front Office Secretary

15 years of service

In her Principal’s words: “On top of all the duties that she has -- answering multiple phone lines, welcoming people, answering questions from people who need help – she also manages to take care of all the students, teachers and staff who call Teasley home.  Everyone who comes through the doors feels that welcoming atmosphere.  She takes a sincere interest in all of the people she encounters every day.”

Congratulations, Sharon Tatum!


Tippens Educational Center

Dawn Beasley, School Nurse

Nine years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Nurse Dawn is an essential member of our faculty.  She is a favorite of our students because she is always kind and calm, no matter what has happened. Her office is a safe space not only for our students, but for staff as well.  She allows each day to truly be a fresh start and greets our students as they enter the school building each and every day.  Nurse Dawn makes sure our students feel important and cared for.”

Congratulations, Dawn Beasley!


Woodstock Elementary School

Diane Dumond, Supportive Instruction Paraprofessional

10 years of service, seven in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Diane is an asset to our school and school district and a pleasure to work with.  She supports her students in a caring manner, making each student feel they are important, so they can flourish in their co-taught setting.  She ends her day by escorting her students to their bus, praising their accomplishments for the day and providing strategies for any challenges they might have encountered.”

Congratulations, Diane Dumond!


Woodstock High School

Carol Pontius, Principal's Secretary

Six years of service

In her Principal’s words: “Her commitment to representing the Wolverine Nation in the best light possible is second to none.  Just as she helps staff and faculty, she is always willing to assist students with their needs. She is courteous and respectful of everyone she encounters, and she is a great asset to the clerical team, as well as the administrative team.  She strengthens the culture of Woodstock High School by being a model of grace and always operating with integrity.”

Congratulations, Carol Pontius!


Woodstock Middle School

Jayne Woodyard, Principal's Secretary

Seven years of service, with two in her current role

In her Principal’s words: “Jayne is the face and voice of our school.  She greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome and that their concern is her No. 1 priority.  In a joking, but serious way, Jayne runs the school.  She makes sure I have everything I need as Principal to make it a great place for students and a wonderful place to work.  She takes pride in being a Woodstock Wolf and all that it takes to meet the needs of its family.” 

Congratulations, Jayne Woodyard!


CCSD Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Jody Page, Special Education Supervisor Administrative Assistant

30 years of service, with 15 in her current role

In her Supervisor’s words: “During her 30-year tenure with CCSD, Jody has worked to ensure the duties and responsibilities associated with being an administrative assistant are approached with high standards and excellence. She demonstrates effective communication skills and presents as organized, yet personable.  Her special attribute is the ability to make everyone feel welcome and to transition with ease.”

Congratulations, Jody Page!


CCSD Office of Financial Management

Tammie Collis, Payroll Clerk

19 years of service, with five in her current role

In her Division Chief’s words: “Ms. Collis is an exemplary employee who strives every day to provide the assistance and support needed by our worksite and school-based timekeepers to do their jobs.  That is no small task in that our payroll department issues more than 5,000 paychecks worth more than $30 Million in salary, benefits and taxes every month. It is imperative this work be completed professionally, accurately and timely month in, month out.  Tammie is instrumental in this work and more.”

Congratulations, Tammie Collis!


CCSD Office of Human Resources

Vickie Bryant, Staffing Clerk

27 years of service, with 12 in her current role

In her Supervisor’s words: “Throughout the last 12 years, I have witnessed her dedication to provide the best service and a high level of support to employees at all levels of the organization.  Vickie is kind and extremely patient to each person.  She projects a warm, cheerful, positive and helpful attitude to our employees… these characteristics exemplify the caring and supportive work environment our School District represents.”

Congratulations, Vickie Bryant!


CCSD Office of Safety & Security

Officer Michael S. Hunt Jr., who serves at River Ridge High School 

In his first year of service

In his Supervisor’s words: “Officer Hunt is very passionate about his job in enhancing the School District’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment for teaching and learning.  He genuinely cares about the people he works with, and this is reflected in the various research he has done and in gaining donations for the department.  He has exhibited leadership to his colleagues and is recognized by his peers as a team player.”

Congratulations, Officer Michael S. Hunt Jr.!


CCSD Office of School Operations

Cindy Saville, Transportation Director Secretary

15 years of service, with eight years in her current role

In her Supervisor’s words: “It is no secret that Cindy demonstrates the qualities and capabilities of a strong leader.  Her positivity, encouragement and ‘How can I help you’ attitude is displayed in the workplace daily.  Her attention to detail, contribution to positive staff morale, and the support and recognition she gives to everyone is appreciated.  Her spirit of teamwork and servant’s heart confirms her worthiness of this award.”

Congratulations, Cindy Saville!


CCSD Office of Support Services

Colleen Manuel, Facility Maintenance Supervisor Secretary

Four years of service, with one year in her current role

In her Supervisor’s words: “Colleen is an integral part of the department, always willing to learn new tasks, improve upon and streamline existing processes and procedures, as well as tackle any special project that I need help managing. She is professional, cooperative and courteous to everyone she assists.  She is the epitome of what I would call a ‘touchstone’ for being a secretary.”

Congratulations, Colleen Manuel!


CCSD Office of Technology & Information Services

Jeremy Gravley, Technology Logistics Manager

22 years of service, first year in his current role

In his Division Chief’s words: “Jeremy has consistently demonstrated perseverance, dedication, honesty, compassion and absolute reliability throughout his tenure.  He takes care of his customers, has a flawless work ethic and cares about the quality of work he delivers. In taking his current role, he had to be reminded that he’s been training for doing this job for many years.  He’s stepped into the manager’s role seamlessly.”

Congratulations, Jeremy Gravley!