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Arnold Mill Elementary School: Rhonda Methvin      

Rhonda Methvin dedicates her weekly volunteer visits at Arnold Mill Elementary School to at-risk students in need of a tutor and a friend.  Her visits are eagerly awaited: by students, who run to her with hugs, and by teachers, who appreciate her willingness to help with any task.  In the Principal’s words: “Her enthusiasm and love for learning are contagious and extremely encouraging to the staff, students and other volunteers.”

Avery Elementary School: Janna Miller-Sanders

Janna Miller-Sanders arrives at Avery Elementary School before daylight to water the school garden, then stays to recruit volunteers, collect donations, decorate doors for teachers without room moms, and pass out tissues to kindergarten parents at the first-day “Kiss-N-Cry.”  Oh, she’s PTA President, too.  In the Principal’s words: “She’s an Avery hero willing to do the good, the bad and the ugly in order to support the mission of our great school.”

Ball Ground Elementary School STEM Academy: Lindsay Prose

Lindsay Prose runs toward the tasks no one wants to take on at Ball Ground Elementary School STEM Academy.  And she stays busy, especially given her many roles from room mom to PTA volunteer and school-wide event organizer to advocate for the school on the Ball Ground Business & Community Association board.  In the Principal’s words: “She works diligently to ensure that our school is well-connected with our civic and business community leaders.”

Bascomb Elementary School: Janis Dunn         

Students at Bascomb Elementary School know volunteer Janis Dunn by three names: “Mrs. Dunn,” “the lady in the library” and “Fancy Nancy.”  The latter is a sign of this media center volunteer’s passion for encouraging reading: she dresses up as the character on book character day, feather boa and all.  In the Principal’s words: “Having a volunteer like Ms. Dunn has strengthened the success and smoothness in which our media program functions.  In our book, Ms. Dunn is No. 1!”

Boston Elementary School: Betsy Richardson  

When vacancies on the Boston Elementary School PTA Board called for someone to step up on short notice to lead, Betsy Richardson said yes.  The PTA Co-president is beloved for that willingness to serve, whether it’s sweeping up after a special event, arranging meals for weekend workday volunteers or leading a board meeting.  In the Principal’s words: “You can always count on her to be the last parent volunteer to leave events.  She is truly extraordinary!”

Canton Elementary School STEM Academy: Pat and Les Olsen  

There’s no task too large or too small for the Canton Elementary School STEM Academy volunteers Pat and Les Olsen.  From arriving at school at 7 a.m. every morning to welcome Reading Buddies first-graders with a smile to providing an appreciation luncheon for the entire school’s staff, the Olsens do it all with helping hands and hearts.  In the Principal’s words: “We are so grateful to Pat and Les and appreciate their giving spirit.  They are the epitome of volunteerism!”

Carmel Elementary School: Stacey Stockton    

There’s not a volunteer task at Carmel Elementary School that Stacey Stockton won’t do.  From purchasing necessities for students in need to answering the front-office phone to serving as PTA Co-President, Ms. Stockton is there.  In the Principal’s words: “Ms. Stockton is extremely selfless and is always cheerful and supportive of everyone she comes in contact with.  She has a willingness to help in any situation and always does it with a smile.”

Cherokee High School: Neda Chester     

As PTSA President at Cherokee High School for two years, Neda Chester has devoted hundreds of hours to its students and faculty.  From selling spirit wear at the school’s many events to organizing meals for its large staff, to arranging special treats for students, she shows her Warrior pride.  In the Principal’s words: “She is flexible and never blinks an eye no matter what we ask of her.  We love that she remains positive no matter the situation!”

Johnston Preschool Center: River Ridge High School TOME Club

The preschoolers at Johnston Preschool Center have some “big kid” friends: the members of River Ridge High School’s TOME Club.  The high schoolers with a passion for reading and their sponsor, Media Specialist Keara Rubin, visit the preschool twice a month to share stories, play games and encourage literacy.  In the Principal’s words: “Peer buddies are important to the success of a student’s learning experience as positive role models to capture the young child’s desire to be ‘like the big kids.’”

Oak Grove Preschool Center: CCSD Transition Academy  

High schoolers nearing graduation from the CCSD Transition Academy at Woodstock High School are making a positive difference in the lives of Oak Grove Preschool Center students just beginning their education.  The student volunteers lend a helping hand to little ones for everything from opening a milk carton to finding the right puzzle piece.  In the Principal’s words: “They are invaluable resources… as role models for our students and aids to our teachers.”

Ralph Bunche Center: Teasley Middle School

Every month, a bright yellow school bus makes the short trip from Teasley Middle School to nearby Ralph Bunche Center so the students aboard can provide a big service to the preschoolers there.  The middle schoolers volunteer as readers, puppeteers and helpers, but the littles see them as big brothers and sisters and friends, too.  In the Principal’s words: “Peer buddies generate an enthusiasm and wonder for learning in a way that adults can’t emulate.”

Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy: Suzanne Everette         

The children at Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy love their “Grandma Suzie,” or, as she’s known to grown-ups, Suzanne Everette.  She volunteers seven hours a day, every day, to support arts classes and care for the school’s 1,180 students, as only a grandma can.  In the Principal’s words: “Some don’t understand why she comes in like she does, but she responds that she loves it, and it brings her great joy.  The students are joyful that she spends her days with us, too.”

Clayton Elementary School: Sid and Diane Phillips

Creating a literacy room is no easy task, but Clayton Elementary School volunteers Sid and Diane Phillips’ enthusiasm makes it look easy.  Thanks to their labor of love this school year, hundreds of new books stand labeled, sorted and shelved in the new room.  In the Principal’s words: “Their willingness to use their gifts and time are true examples of compassion that is making our school, Cherokee County and the world a completely different place – a better place.”

Creekland Middle School: Leanne Schulman    

Managing a media center that serves 1,500 students and 100 staff is a challenge for a media specialist, but Creekland Middle School volunteer Leanne Schulman lightens the load.  She recruits and schedules a team of parent volunteers to make the school’s media center run smoothly and successfully every day.  In the Principal’s words: “She is one of those parent volunteers who is willing to go above and beyond the norm each and every time that she is called upon.”

Creekview High School: Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson is a coach’s dream: he cheers from the sidelines and works behind the scenes to make the program successful.  And he does it for two Creekview High School teams: wrestling and girls’ softball, including serving as the latter’s booster club president for three years.  In the Principal’s words: “Our program, student-athletes, and Creekview as a whole, benefit from his tireless pursuit of making sure that everything is handled in a timely, professional manner.”

Dean Rusk Middle School: Maureen Walker    

Woodstock Midday Optimist Club member Maureen Walker lives up to the organization’s name, as a role model of optimism in her volunteerism at Dean Rusk Middle School.  As the school’s Junior Optimist Club advisor, she leads students in service projects and supports school-wide initiatives like #BeKind.  In the Principal’s words: “Her smile has a way of brightening your day, and she genuinely cares for her cause.  Students feed off her happiness and know she is their champion.”

E.T. Booth Middle School: Jenni Burris

Jenni Burris provides E.T. Booth Middle School with time as PTSA Co-President and a School Council member and treasure as a parent sponsor and donor for the Fish Club.  She also shares valuable talents: listening and sharing, as she expertly takes the community’s pulse and uses it to help guide school leaders.  In the Principal’s words: “She isn’t afraid to ‘tell it like it is,’ and does so in the spirit of helping us improve.  That’s something every Principal needs.”

Etowah High School: Pam Greiner 

Pam Greiner is a change agent, and Etowah High School’s boys golf team has benefitted greatly as a result.  Serving as the 2017-18 booster club president after two years as treasurer, she greatly improved the bottom line (growing the end-of-season balance from $200 to $8,000) and communications lines.  In the Principal’s words: “Her dedication to the team is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Etowah is truly a better place because of Pam.”

Free Home Elementary School: Georgine Lightsey   

Volunteer Georgine Lightsey loves Free Home Elementary School’s students as if all of them are her own, tutoring them, collecting Thanksgiving food baskets for them, believing in them.  And that love continues even after they move on to higher grades.  One such example: earlier this school year, she raised the funds needed for a former student to undergo heart surgery.  In her Principal’s words: “Georgine is truly an inspiration.  We are a better school because of her.”

Freedom Middle School: Dustin Ade       

Dustin Ade is the voice of Freedom Middle School’s Patriots basketball teams as the enthusiastic announcer for its home games.  And he’s also the heart, with a passion for supporting the student athletes and coaches that extends to planning new ways to increase attendance and engage more families in the games, and raise more funds to support the teams.  In the Principal’s words: “Freedom is blessed to partner with such a positive, encouraging volunteer.”

Hasty Elementary School Fine Arts Academy: Kristi Louzader    

Kristi Louzader volunteers so many hours at Hasty Elementary School Fine Arts Academy, you’d think she’s getting a paycheck.  But she sees the reward in the faces of the children she mentors daily, and in the face of her own child, as she sees her mom helping others.  In the Principal’s words: “She feels every student deserves to be successful, and she truly understands our community.  It’s amazing the impact that one person can have in the lives of those they serve.”

Hickory Flat Elementary School: Beth Harper 

There are many ways to measure the impact of a volunteer, and here’s one metric for Beth Harper: $24,000.  That’s how much this Hickory Flat Elementary School volunteer has generated in business and community donations in two years to benefit the school.  In the Principal’s words: “We have reaped so many rewards in the classroom because of her relentless work.  Her professionalism and the way that she lets her beautiful light shine is something to be commended.”

Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy: Kay Williams

The Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy media center is a better place thanks to the support of volunteer Kay Williams, who dedicates her time there several days a week.  The labels are fresher, the shelves are straighter, the materials are neater, and the smiles are everywhere.  In the Principal’s words: “The positive impact of Mrs. Williams and her gentle, humble work with volunteering reflects the exceptional person and volunteer that she is.”

Indian Knoll Elementary School: Jenn Severson        

Jenn Severson brings an artistic flair to her service at Indian Knoll Elementary School.  Not only is she a tireless volunteer and PTA Vice President, she also creates book fair props that pop, crafts Special Olympics swag bags and makes special events even more special.  In the Principal’s words: “If anyone needs something done, Jenn will go the extra mile to ensure it is taken care of in an efficient and excellent manner.  Everything she helps with is amazing.”

Johnston Elementary School: Gail Hendrix

A former media specialist, Gail Hendrix now shares her experience and expertise with Johnston Elementary School as a media center and classroom volunteer.  Once a week, you’ll find her shelving books, manning the checkout desk, assisting the media specialist, and connecting young readers to new favorite books.  In the Principal’s words: “Our school benefits from the consistent time and effort of caring individuals like Mrs. Hendrix.”

Knox Elementary School: Alex Apolinaris         

Volunteer Alex Apolinaris makes magic, memories and positive change for the children and staff at Knox Elementary School.  He snaps photos for families as children arrive by bus on the first day, acts as a positive male role model for students, works in classrooms and the front office and donates supplies.  In the Principal’s words: “Mr. Apolinaris is up for any challenge.  We are so fortunate to have him coming to make the days brighter for our students.”

Tippens Education Center: Woodstock High School PTSA

As a center rather than a traditional school, the Tippens Education Center doesn’t have its own PTA.  The Woodstock High School PTSA and the entire Zone, led by volunteer Amy Krumrey, for three years has bridged that gap for students and staff, by giving time, donating funds and making plenty of teacher appreciation treats.  In the Principal’s words: “Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and appreciation you have shown and for taking us under your wing.”

Liberty Elementary School: Daniela McBride   

Liberty Elementary School is dedicated to promoting the #BeKind spirit, and that spirit is strong in volunteer Daniela McBride.  Known as “Miss Daniela,” she compliments positive behavior as she sells PTA ice cream and is a PTA Vice President servant-leader who puts in many hours in the office and classroom.  In the Principal’s words: “She has the intrinsic character values that we want our students to emulate as they become adults and productive citizens in our community.”

Little River Elementary School: Amanda Johnson     

As PTA Co-president at Little River Elementary School, Amanda Johnson has earned “pillar” status for her devotion and leadership.  She listens to stakeholders’ concerns and investigates school needs, and then works to meet them, whether it’s changing an event in need of updating or raising funds to purchase two dozen more iPads.  In the Principal’s words: “It is evident that she leads by treating all children the way she would want her own children to be treated.”

Macedonia Elementary School: Amy Murphy

Macedonia Elementary School is home to an exceptional PTA that produces a bevy a community building events, successful fundraisers and outstanding leaders like Co-President Amy Murphy.  She’s applauded for her dedication to both educational enrichment activities and needs-based drives, and her willingness to roll up her sleeves and work, as well as to lead.  In the Principal’s words: “She is compassionate with all children and always present whenever help is needed.”

Mill Creek Middle School: Amy Swetlik

Amy Swetlik’s main volunteer role at Mill Creek Middle School is in the media center, but she follows needs wherever they may lead her.  And the school doesn’t have to ask her to help, when she sees a student who needs assistance of any kind, she ensures the job is done and done well.  In the Principal’s words: “She has a heart for service.  I know that she is a phone call away and is so willing to provide extra volunteer time when the need arises.”

Mountain Road Elementary School: Colleen Thomas

Colleen Thomas is the kind of volunteer that most Principals only can dream about.  She takes on the least popular jobs and does them well with joy, doesn’t seek or require special attention and recognition, thinks of what teachers and the Principal need before they have to ask, and has faithfully volunteered for more than 10 years.  In the Principal’s words: “She is an unsung hero in our eyes, and we feel honored to be blessed by her giving spirit.”

Oak Grove Elementary School Fine Arts Academy: Maria Benitez

You’re unlikely to ever attend a special event at Oak Grove Elementary School Fine Arts Academy and not find PTA President and School Council Vice Chair Maria Benitez there.  Pancake Breakfast?  Check.  Movie Night?  Check.  Secret Santa Shop, Family Movie Night, Penny War?  Check, check check.  In the Principal’s words: “She never complains, even if other volunteers don’t show up, and she has to do everything herself (or just with the help of her husband and family).”

R.M. Moore Elementary School: Carla Cohen

After a successful career as a teacher and administrator, Carla Cohen has stayed in public education through dedicated volunteerism at R.M. Moore Elementary School.  She mentors, donates, sells ice cream, and constantly seeks opportunities to listen to students and let them know a caring grownup hears them.  In the Principal’s words: “Her efforts in our school and community make her more than deserving of this honor.  We could not do it without her!”

River Ridge High School: Olga Spivey     

For the first day of school, River Ridge High School PTSA President Olga Spivey made a banner for the cafeteria; it simply read “#umatter.”  She lives it, too, as evidenced by her dedication to serving the school and its staff and students for nine years, as a PTA volunteer, School Council member, fundraiser and advocate.  In the Principal’s words: “She is genuinely working to improve the school’s culture and values.  I am lucky to have such a partner and volunteer.”

Sequoyah High School: Lisa Shellenbarger       

Lisa Shellenbarger is a dedicated five-year volunteer at Sequoyah High School, but to the Principal, she’s even more: an ambassador.  She helps teachers and works in the front office and coordinates PTSA activities, but she also represents the school in the community, advocating for its needs and inspiring others to help.  In the Principal’s words: “Her kind heart and giving nature is what keeps ‘The Spirit of Sequoyah’ going strong.”

Sixes Elementary School: Sixes Elementary School PTA Executive Board

Sixes Elementary School’s Principal thinks most PTA Executive Board members probably don’t know how much they’ve signed up for when they take office.  But that high bar is what makes this Board really shine, as they cleared it and kept soaring: raising more money, donating more hours, recruiting more support.  In the Principal’s words: “All the stars in the night sky will never been enough to thank these ladies for their selfless service to the Stars of Sixes Elementary.”

Teasley Middle School: Danielle Sones   

Danielle Sones is a past CCSD Volunteer of the Year winner, honored for dedication to her children’s elementary school.  Now a PTA leader at Teasley Middle School, she’s lived up to her reputation as a tireless and creative volunteer.  In the Principal’s words: “Danielle is an invaluable part of our school community.  It is volunteers like her that not only help Teasley run more efficiently, but staff and students benefit from the love, care and concern she expresses.”

Woodstock Elementary School: Jennifer Maude       

Jennifer Maude works at Woodstock Elementary School like volunteer is a full-time, year-round job.  She’s a three-time PTA President, organizes numerous school-wide events, chairs committees, oversees spirit wear orders, and is a room mom.  In the Principal’s words: “Words can’t express the gratitude and the admiration we have for this extraordinary and selfless woman!  In all my years in administration, I’ve never met a more committed volunteer.”

Woodstock High School: Lawrence Moraniec

For 10 years, Lawrence Moraniec has shared his industry knowledge with Woodstock High School students to build their career readiness and their confidence.  Through the Technology Student Association, the retired General Motors employee teaches students not only how to use machinery and equipment, but also soft skills needed for the workplace.  In the Principal’s words: “Mr. Moraniec understands the importance of investing in the education of our youth.”

Woodstock Middle School: Pamela and Rodney Allen

Middle schoolers can be a challenge to engage, but not for Woodstock Middle School media center volunteers Pamela and Rodney Allen.  They know many from volunteering at Carmel Elementary School and delight them by remembering their name and specific memories.  In the Principal’s words: “The Allens remind our kids that they are genuinely loved and valued, and their presence automatically makes the library, and by extension, the school, a more welcoming, warm place to be.”




R.M. Moore Elementary School: Waleska United Methodist Church

From Principal Jan Adamson’s nomination:

“They have served our school and students in this community to the fullest potential.  The thing that makes them a standout is they expect no recognition in return.  They do it all because they truly care for our students and making a better future for our community.  Their willingness to be flexible and the eagerness to volunteer their time and assistance make them an extraordinary partner.  Our school, students and faculty are very thankful to have such a wonderful Partner of the Year.”



Woodstock High School: Lawrence Moraniec

From Principal Mark Smith’s nomination:

“He drives the students to succeed – not to win – but to strive to be better individuals.  Through an encouraging demeanor, Mr. Moraniec pushes students to learn more, be leaders, create quality products, practice good teaming, and to support their peers both when they win, and more importantly, when they don’t.  He teaches students the value of failure, learning from failure and then rising above it.  He has selflessly invested in our students for 10 years – what is more extraordinary that this?”