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CCSD Strategic Plan

BLUEPRINT 2020-2024


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Photo Gallery from the Strategic Planning Process, February - June 2019.

The Cherokee County School Board on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 approved Blueprint, a new long-range plan for the Cherokee County School District’s continued success, developed based on community input. 

The creation of the new five-year strategic plan, which is posted here, evolved over six months of meetings with students, families, teachers, support staff, business and community partners to determine what matters most to them and how CCSD could better serve them.

“For the past three years, we’ve worked together to build upon the strong foundation constructed by the leaders and educators who came before us,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “While we’ve followed an outstanding strategic plan, it’s time for a new blueprint for our future.  We’ve called it Blueprint because we see it as just that: a new long-range plan for our continued success.  This is a very targeted plan, and we believe we’re going to do great things.”

The plan begins with a new vision -- “Together, we will prepare the emerging generation to confidently rise up to limitless learning potential and success,” and three Core Beliefs around Rigor, Relevance and Relationships:

  • We believe in a growth mindset, as every student can learn, achieve and thrive.
  • We believe the meaningful connections we forge with students, families and community partners positively influence how we teach, lead and prepare graduates for success in a knowledge-based, technology rich and culturally diverse world.
  • We believe safe, welcoming and inclusive schools are critical for successful teaching and learning and strengthening our culture of belonging, kindness and possibility.

It then builds upon those with five priority areas: Student Achievement: Access & Opportunity; Organizational & Operational Effectiveness; Family, Partner & Community Engagement; Positive Culture & Climate; and Quality Workforce.  For each priority area, CCSD senior staff have set performance objectives that map out the steps to take toward success and how progress will be measured.  Dr. Hightower told the School Board he would be reporting back to them with a “progress report” every fall for the next five years as the Blueprint is followed to success.

School Board members during the meeting spoke about the process and how much they appreciated the involvement of the community and the incorporation of CCSD’s new focus on Social and Emotional Learning.

“I think it’s going to be very dynamic for our District and set us apart again,” School Board Chair Kyla Cromer said. 

Dr. Hightower also took time to thank the Georgia School Boards Association and Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, which partnered with CCSD to craft the plan, and the Office of Communications for its work to oversee the process and design the eight-page final project, which builds upon the Blueprint theme and CCSD’s blue-ribbon logo.

“This process has been a labor of love, and I’m so appreciative of our School Board for its initiative to begin this important endeavor,” Dr. Hightower said. “I’m also grateful for the several hundred community members who attended meetings and the more than 2,200 who answered our surveys to help draft our Blueprint: it truly is inclusive and community based.  It’s an exciting time for our School District, with much work to be done, and we’re more ready than ever to do the work.”

Five Priority Areas

  • Student Achievement: Access & Opportunity

  • Organizational & Operational Effectiveness

  • Family, Partner & Community Engagement

  • Positive Culture & Climate

  • Quality Workforce

Annual Progress Reports

2020 Report - Published 12 10 2020

2021 Report- Published 1 14 2022

2022 Report - Published 1 29 2023

2023 Report - Published 1 24 2024

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