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Record Requests

There are several ways you can request copies of records from CCSD.   Where you direct your request will depend on the nature of the request and what documents you seek to obtain. 

Attorneys:  please submit your requests directly to Chief Communications Officer Barbara Jacoby, at  Please review and use this form if it’s applicable to your request.


EDUCATIONAL RECORDS: Student educational records, such as report cards and disciplinary records, are largely protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and in most cases can only be provided to parents and eligible students. 

  • Requested by the parent or student: student educational records may be requested by custodial parents (of a minor child), non-custodial parents with educational rights in regard to a minor, or by students themselves if they are age 18 or older.  These requests may be made directly to the school and the school will provide those records to the requestor. 
  • Requested by a Guardian Ad Litem, CASA or DFCS:  these requests for student educational records should be submitted to and will be handled by School Operations. 
  • Requested by an attorney, law firm or other third party:  these requests for student educational records should be submitted to Chief Communications Officer Barbara Jacoby at  A records request form to use for these requests is online here

SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENT RECORDS: these requests should be submitted to  A records request form to use for these requests is online here. 

STUDENT TRANSCRIPTS:  requests for a high school transcript/proof of graduation may be submitted through Parchment.  This online self-service platform requires the user to set up an account; many students set up their account while still enrolled in high school.


Employees may request copies of their own records from the Human Resources division.  Anyone other than the employee who is seeking copies of a CCSD employee record should submit an Open Records Request to  State law protects some parts of employee records from public/release to third parties.


Many public documents and records can be found on the Open CCSD page, including financial documents, School Board agendas and meeting minutes.  School Board policies are also available here on the website.   Anyone who wishes to submit a request for public records under the Georgia Open Records Act should email the specifics of their request to Chief Communications Officer Barbara Jacoby at  Please be advised that there may be costs associated with your request for administrative time, copying and legally required redaction, in accordance with the Act. 

For more information about the Georgia Open Records Act, please see the Georgia Attorney General's Office website at as well as this document provided by the Georgia First Amendment Foundation at