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Kindergarten!  The very word conjures up images of oversized pencils, gooey white glue, posters of the alphabet and flashcards for counting to 100.  And who can forget the waxy smell of a fresh box of crayons!  All 23 of CCSD's elementary schools offer full-day kindergarten. 


teacher leading class in activity


Check out this video to learn more about CCSD kindergarten ... and here's a brief video to share with your child so he or she can see what a day at CCSD kindergarten is all about!

Help your child prepare for Kindergarten by working on the skills below (click the image for text version).


kindergarten skills



kindergarten skill list 2


If you are ready to register your child for kindergarten, our online registration process opens March 7 for the 2023-24 school year.  If you think your child is ready for first grade (must be 6 years old on or before September 1), you can review First Grade readiness information here. 

If you've already enrolled your child in kindergarten and would like more information on school readiness, please take a look at the resources we've linked on this page in the colored boxes.  You can also review these helpful hands-on activities below:

CCSD Kindergarten Math Readiness

CCSD Kindergarten Reading Readiness

Resources for Pre-K and Kindergarten Parents

blue box kindergarten standards

red bright from the start

green pbs

yellow pbs

orange prek

lime 1000 books

turquoise starfall