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Course Rescue/Course Extension

Course Rescue

Course Rescue is a remediation opportunity provided to students by the classroom teacher.  When a student has been unsuccessful on an assignment intended to assess mastery of the focus standard(s), the classroom teacher can enroll the student in an opportunity to rescue the focus standard(s). Students will be assigned a mastery pathway to complete within Canvas which is designed to reteach the content.  The classroom teacher will monitor progress and provide appropriate support. At the end of the pathway, students are required to take an assessment.  Successful performance on this assessment will allow the teacher to replace grade from the original unsuccessful attempt. 

Course Extension

Students who have a final course grade between 65-69 in identified content area courses may be offered an opportunity to participate in the CCSD Course Extension Program.  This program is a 10-day opportunity where students must register and participate “in person” before or after school.  Students will complete an online, individualized mastery pathway centered on teacher identified content/standards.  All graded components of this pathway must score at an 80%. Upon successful completion of the mastery pathway within the 10-hour window, the student will receive a final course grade of a 70.

Course Extension is offered for the following courses:

9th Lit/Comp

Honors 9th Lit/Comp

World History 

Honors World History

Algebra 1

Honors Algebra 1 

Earth Systems

Multicultural Lit/Comp

Honors Multicultural Lit/Comp

US History

Honors US History


Honors Geometry 


Honors Biology

11th Lit/Comp

Honors 11th Lit/Comp


Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2


Chemistry Honors Chemistry

Advanced Comp

Honors Advanced Comp


Statistical Reasoning


Honors Physics




Physical Science