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Course Extension

Dr. Amanda Ruiz

Coordinator, Student Academic Services

Course Extension

Students who have a final course grade between 65-69 in identified content area courses may be offered an opportunity to participate in the CCSD Course Extension Program.  This program is a 10-day opportunity where students must register and participate “in person” before or after school.  Students will complete an online, individualized mastery pathway centered on teacher identified content/standards.  All graded components of this pathway must score at an 80%. Upon successful completion of the mastery pathway within the 10-hour window, the student will receive a final course grade of a 70.

Course Extension is offered for the following courses:

9th Lit/Comp

Honors 9th Lit/Comp

World History 

Honors World History


Honors Algebra

Environmental Science

Multicultural Lit/Comp

Honors Multicultural Lit/Comp

US History

Honors US History


Honors Geometry 


Honors Biology

11th Lit/Comp

Honors 11th Lit/Comp


Advanced Algebra 

Honors Advanced Algebra 


Honors Chemistry

Advanced Comp

Honors Advanced Comp

Personal Finance and Economics

Statistical Reasoning


Honors Physics





Physical Science


    Foundations of Algebra Earth Systems