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Employee Benefits Summary

Employee Benefits Summary – Print Version (PDF)

CCSD PAID BENEFITS The following benefits are fully funded by CCSD for eligible employees:

Basic Term Life Insurance

One times annual salary with a minimum of $15,000 and a maximum of $50,000.

Basic Short Term Disability Insurance

Provides income replacement benefits during the first six months of disability after satisfying elimination period.

Basic Long Term Disability Insurance

Provides income replacement benefits at the conclusion of Short Term Disability.

Annual Sick/Personal Leave

Regular employees working 50% or more earn 1.25 days of sick leave per month of service. Each year, up to three accrued sick leave days may be used for personal reasons.

Annual (Vacation) Leave

Twelve-month employees working 50% or more earn one day of vacation leave per month.

Employee Assistance Program

Benefits include 24-hour, 7 days a week toll-free telephone service with immediate access to a licensed counselor; three in-person, per incident sessions with trained professionals; and, unlimited access to work/life resource information (childcare, eldercare, adoption assistance, etc.)

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Provides medical, rehabilitation and income benefits for an employee injured on the job.

SHARED COST BENEFITS The following benefits are partially funded by CCSD, for eligible employees, with the remainder funded by a contribution from employees:

Georgia Teacher’s Retirement System

Retirement benefits payable after a minimum of 10 years service at age 60 or 30 years service, regardless of age. CCSD contributes 19.81% of employee’s salary; employee contributes 6%.

Retirement Savings Plan for Employees not Eligible for Participation in TRS

A 403(b) pre-tax retirement savings account is established for participating employees. CCSD contributes fifty cents for each dollar an employee contributes, up to 4% of salary.

Social Security and Medicare

Benefits payable at social security retirement effective age. CCSD contributes 7.65% of employee’s salary; employee contributes 7.65%.

Employee Medical Insurance-State Health Benefit Plan

Health Reimbursement Account, High Deductible Health Plan, or HMO options are available for employees and their dependents. CCSD contributes $945 per month for non-certified employees and $945 monthly for certified employees.

Employee Dental Insurance

High Plan maximum benefit of $1,500 per year, Low Plan maximum benefit of $1,000 per year. Dental plans cover preventive, basic, major and orthodontic services. CCSD contributes $17 monthly for participating employees. Dental insurance for dependents is also available.

Sick Leave Bank

Participants donate one day of sick leave to join; thereafter, ½ day of sick leave annually is donated. Members may apply to receive sick leave days from the Bank for catastrophic illness.

Health Club Memberships

Discounted health club gym memberships are available for employees and their dependents through payroll deduction. CCSD contributes $4.00 per month for participating employees.

OPTIONAL BENEFITS The following benefits are selected and paid for by eligible employees:

Optional Life Insurance

Additional life insurance available for employee up to $250,000; 50% of employee’s coverage on spouse; 10% of employee’s coverage on children, up to $20,000; $10,000 coverage for dependents.

Supplemental Insurance

Critical Illness or Whole Life insurance is available for employees and their dependents through payroll deduction.

Optional Short Term Disability Insurance

Supplements CCSD-paid Basic Short Term Disability insurance by increasing the weekly benefit amount available to 70% of salary, maximum of $700 weekly.

Optional Long Term Disability Insurance

Supplements the CCSD-paid Basic Long Term Disability insurance by adding income replacements benefits for salary above $48,000.

Legal Insurance

Provides employees and dependents access to legal assistance with covered services and/or discounted fees.

Vision Insurance

Provides employees and dependents access to vision care with co-pays and eyewear allowances.

School District Group-sponsored 403(b) & 457(b) Retirement Savings Plans

Employees may defer salary pre or post-tax into a qualified retirement savings plan through payroll deduction. Various options including fixed accounts and mutual funds are available.

Pre-taxed Health Insurance Premiums and Flexible Spending Accounts

The cost of health insurance premiums is deducted before taxes. Employees may also elect to use pre-tax dollars for unreimbursed medical and dependent daycare expenses.

Credit Union (Credit Union of Ga) and other Employee Discount Program benefits

Various financial services and discount offers are available.

For inquiries, or to obtain additional information concerning benefit options or eligibility, contact the Benefits Department, or 770.479.1871.