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School Police Officers

Cherokee County School District School Police Department officers are highly qualified professionals who must have five or more years of law enforcement experience.  Eighty-eight percent of the officers hold post-secondary degrees, and three officers are trained child abuse investigators.  Of the 20 officers, the majority hold advanced certifications authorized by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  All officers are required to attend the 40-hour Georgia School Resource Officer Course held at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center during their first year of employment.  In addition, each officer has attended the 40-hour Crisis Intervention Training coordinated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the National Alliance on Mental Health.  This course is designed to equip officers with the skills necessary to assist those with mental illness, co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, developmental disorders and brain disorders with the focus being de-escalation.

These officers work directly with the school administration, staff, students and parents to create and sustain a proactive community policing partnership to ensure a safe and secure environment. This form of policing allows for a broader problem-solving approach to prevent, or mitigate those issues, problems and concerns that may disrupt the school community.

Officers are assigned to each high school and middle school with collateral responsibilities to the elementary schools.  The presence of officers on campus enhances the perception of safety by the students, and the officer’s daily interaction allows for students to see a different side of law enforcement as they serve as role models and mentors to promote acceptable social behaviors.

Officer Selection Process

The CCSD School Police Department has an extensive process that ensures the potential selection of the most competent and qualified applicant.  It is our goal to select the applicant with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professionalism.  The background investigation is a rigorous process which requires a minimum of five years of experience, medical examination, drug screen, polygraph and psychological assessment.

Salary & Benefits

The Cherokee County School District is an equal opportunity employer and CCSD School Police Officers enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package designed to meet today’s needs, as well as provide for a secure future.

The Police Services pay scale is based on education and verified law enforcement experience.  At the time of employment, officers who possess an Intermediate Certification issued by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (GAPOSTC) are eligible for a one step increase in salary; an officer with an Advanced, Supervisory, Management or Executive Certification issued by GAPOSTC will be eligible for one additional step increase in salary.