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School Police Parent Programs

Parental Awareness for Safe Schools (PASS) Program

Parental Awareness for Safe Schools (PASS) is a program of the Cherokee County School Police Department designed to inform parents and others in the school community of critical issues related to providing a safe environment for teaching and learning.

• Learning information that will minimize the chance of your child becoming the victim of a crime.
• Learning how to recognize potential problems within the school community and understanding what can be done to resolve them.
• Getting to know many of the other parents and staff so that information can be shared.
• Establishing a relationship between your school community and the school district police department.

A link to this program can be found on your child’s school website where you will find topics of interest that include, but is not limited to:
• Crisis Response Management
• Child Abuse Awareness
• Drug Interdiction
• Gang Awareness
• Internet Safety
• Topics in School Law


Parental Emergency Response Team (PERT)

During an emergency, crisis or disaster the number and scope of events can overwhelm conventional emergency resources and services. The Parent Emergency Response Team (PERT) is a positive and realistic approach for augmenting these resources where parents may assist school district personnel.
Parents, or guardians who which to become members of PERT must meet the following criteria:
• Have a child enrolled in a Cherokee County School
• Be an active member of the school or county Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
• Have completed on-line courses identified by the School District Police Department

Upon selection, each potential member must attend a 4-hour training program that will include:
• Disaster Awareness
• Fire Safety Techniques
• Medical Operations – Part I
• Medical Operations – Part II
• Light Search & Rescue Operations
• Disaster Psychology
• Terrorism
• Team Organization
• Disaster Simulation