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School Social Workers

School Social Work in Cherokee County

A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Mission Statement
Our goal is to ensure that no student in Cherokee County gains less than full advantage of the educational opportunities provided by the school system as a result of family problems or school attendance problems.

School Social Work Services

Cherokee County School Social Workers Serve Families by

  • Serving as a liaison for parents and students with the school and community
  • Working with families to remove barriers to school success
  • Informing families of available community resources
  • Advocating for families with legitimate concerns
  • Making home visits to build relationships with students and parents
  • Referring families to appropriate agencies when necessary to protect the right of students to receive the opportunity for a quality education.


School Social Workers:


Megan Allen, LCSW-Cherokee Innovation Zone
Megan Allen has worked in the field of social work since 2005.  Megan is a graduate of Woodstock High School, so she is thrilled to now be working in the community where she grew up.  Megan earned both her Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Georgia.  Go Dawgs!  Megan is certified by the Georgia Department of Education in School Social Work and by the GA Composite Board as a Licensed Clinical Level Social Worker.  Megan has worked in a variety of settings, including state agencies, private mental health programs, schools, and healthcare.  Megan interventions are guided by the family systems theory and the strengths-based perspective, and she believes that with the necessary tools and support, all students can achieve success.   


Brittney Farr, LMSW-River Ridge Innovation Zone-Ralph Bunche Ctr, iGrad Academy
Brittney Fox was born and raised in Georgia. She has a Master of Social Work degree from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. Brittney has gained experience through multiple internships. These internships include a School Social Work internship and working with a non-profit in Cherokee County, The Children’s Haven. She has a passion for assisting children and families in times of need. She approaches each situation by assessing the strengths that are present and building on those strengths. Brittney is excellent at navigating through community resources to make the best connections for families.


David McFerrin, LMSW - Creekview and Sequoyah Innovation Zones
David McFerrin is a Social Worker who has provided mental health services to children, adults and families since 1991.  In addition, he has served as Youth Director in a local church for the past three years.  He is certified by the Georgia Department of Education in School Social Work and by the Composite Board as a Licensed Masters Social Worker.  For four years, David has served as a member of the Coalition of Treatment Providers for the Cobb County Public Schools Prevention and Intervention Center.  David holds a Master of Social Work and Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  He is also a graduate of the D. Swan Haworth Psychotherapy Training Program.


Christina Potter, LCSW-Etowah Innovation Zone
Christina Potter obtained her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Women's Studies at Berry College in 2005. After doing some work and traveling, she pursued her Master's Degree in Social Work and graduated from Georgia State University in 2009. Christina has experience working with children as a suicidal/homicidal crisis counselor, as a Functional Family Therapist working with children on probation and their families, as well as experience working as an in-home therapist for children in Foster Care. She has also worked with children with physical and intellectual disabilities and as a Day Treatment Counselor with children in an elementary school setting. She most recently worked as a hospice social worker. Christina completed her licensure exam this summer and is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is excited to start her dream job as a School Social Worker for Cherokee County Schools.


Jessica Threadgill, LCSW – Woodstock Innovation Zone & Liberty ES and Knox ES
Jessica Threadgill has worked in the field of social work since 2006.  Jessica has experience working with children, adults and family systems where her ongoing focus was on connecting individuals to resources in the community, psychosocial support, grief and loss, and building relationships.  Jessica’s interventions come from a therapeutic and strengths perspective.  Jessica has worked for state systems, private counseling agencies, and hospice during her time in Georgia.  Jessica earned both her Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University, in East Lansing, MI.  Jessica is certified by the Georgia Department of Education in School Social Work and by the GA Composite Board as a Licensed Clinical Level Social Worker. 

Student Support Specialists:

Student Support Specialists provide professional learning to staff and students across the district.  They serve as facilitators on the Crisis Response and Prevention teams and coordinate with outside agencies, such as DFCS and the court system.  Student Support Specialists also serve as the district liaisons to the Local Interagency Planning Team (LIPT) panel and collaborate with all divisions to plan and support Social and Emotional Learning.

Marcie Firebaugh, LCSW
Marcie Firebaugh is a licensed clinical social worker who has provided mental health services to children, adolescents and families since 2009. She has specialized in trauma, child development, and mental illness. She focuses on a strength-based perspective while delivering support and resources to meet the social emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff. Marcie earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from College of Charleston. She is certified by the Georgia Department of Education in School Social Work and by the GA Composite Board as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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Tara Quinn-Schuldt, PhD, LMSW
Dr. Tara Quinn-Schuldt has worked in the field of social work since 2003. Tara has experience in the development and implementation of a county-wide attendance protocol, acted as a guide in the reporting of child abuse and neglect, functioned as a liaison between school and the family, and provided school-based trainings on social service-related topics. She also has a long history of coordinating with local community agencies including the Department of Children and Family Services, the local Child Advocacy Center, the Department of Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Court, local mental health agencies, and the like. Tara earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Development from the Erikson Institute, Chicago and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. She also earned a PhD in General Psychology from Capella University. Tara is certified by the Georgia Department of Education in School Social Work and by the GA Composite Board as a Licensed Master Level Social Worker.


Valerie Walker, System Navigator
Valerie Walker is a Cobb County native. She holds her bachelor's degree in Human Services from Kennesaw State University. Valerie has completed several social work internships advancing her experience and understanding of community needs and services. She is a researcher and always looking for resources to support students and families in Cherokee County. 

Cherokee County Truancy Panel

The Cherokee County Truancy Panel is made up of volunteers from the Highland Rivers Center for Mental Health, Cherokee County Department of Juvenile Justice, Cherokee County Department of Family and Children Services and Cherokee County Department of Public Health. The Panel is supported by the Cherokee County Juvenile and Family Court staff.
Families may be invited to appear before the panel for school attendance problems when other interventions prove unsuccessful.
Panel members link families to available services when appropriate and enter into a contract with the family to improve school attendance in hopes of avoiding a petition being filed before the courts for violation of Georgia’s Compulsory School Attendance Law.