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Canvas Support - Who to Contact

Password resets or locked accounts

If a student is locked out of their Canvas account because of too many invalid attempts, enter a support request.

“No access” to a page or course card

These issues are often caused by the staff member not publishing the page or card for students to view. Please contact your child’s teacher.

Pairing Codes for Parent Access

Pairing codes can be generated by the student account. (Instructions can be found at this page.) If you need additional support, you can enter a support request for the Canvas team here.

Canvas Apps

Because of the variations between personal mobile devices, our team is unable to provide troubleshooting support on mobile apps for Canvas. Instructions for setting up the apps can be found at the bottom of our main Canvas page.

Tips for Sharing a Device at Home

If your students share a device for digital learning, here are some tips that may help.

  • If possible, set up separate user profiles on the computer for each student. Have your students log on to the computer with their own username that you create.
  • Have students use different browsers. Example: one student use Google Chrome and the other use Microsoft Edge
  • Make use of Incognito or InPrivate browser windows. When these windows are closed it will not remember the student’s login to Canvas.
  • Be sure students log out of Canvas and close the web browser.