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ECAF- Cameras in the Classroom

  • Document Link:  ECAF- Cameras in the Classroom
  • Title:  Cameras in the Classroom
  • Section: E. Business Management
  • Adoption Date:  07/19/2018
  • Ref Code:  OCGA 20-2-324.2

Descriptor Code: ECAF
Cameras in the Classroom

The Cherokee County Board of Education authorizes the installation and use of cameras which may include incorporated microphones and speakers (“Classroom Cameras”) in classrooms in order to provide a professional development tool that will allow teachers to utilize features of the cameras to record, review and improve teacher’s instructional delivery, as well as to promote and maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

A. Classroom Camera Recording Operations
1. The School District may place, operate and maintain Classroom Cameras in educational classroom settings. Once any such Classroom Cameras are installed, the School District will annually notify all students, parents, and employees that cameras have been placed in some classrooms within the School District.
2. Classroom Cameras will not be placed in areas where students, employees and the public have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
3. Except for staff’s legitimate authorized use of the professional development recordings, staff and students are prohibited from unauthorized use of, tampering with, or otherwise interfering with Classroom Cameras and/or video records.
4. Classroom Cameras will be used in accordance with all other School District policies.

B. Professional Development Recordings
1. Ensure professional development recordings are designated as educational records. As educational records, the Superintendent will ensure professional development recordings are used by the classroom teacher and professional staff for professional development only, with due regard to all School District policies as well as state and Federal laws respecting student privacy and confidentiality.
2. Ensure professional development recordings containing student images and/or voices will become a part of that student’s educational record if the image and/or voice is maintained by School District employees who are not in the School Police Department.
3. Ensure that administrators, classroom teachers and staff are aware that professional development recordings are educational records protected from dissemination pursuant to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) through the distribution of this policy to all certified employees as a “Critical Issue” policy. 
4. Ensure that professional development recordings are not shared, viewed, posted or otherwise disseminated with others if the video feed contains the image or voice of student(s) unless the viewer has a legitimate educational interest in the student(s) whose voice or image is contained in the video recording or the student’s parent/legal guardian has provided written permission for viewing.
5. Ensure that professional development recordings are stored for no more than 30 days in a secure encrypted location free from “cyber-attack” and unintended dissemination to others.

C. Security Recordings
1. If the School District elects to purchase and install Classroom Cameras that allow for separate security recordings and professional development recordings, the Superintendent will ensure that the security recordings from the Classroom Cameras are maintained on school premises by the School District Police Department in a secure location for no more than three months. Security recordings will not be considered as an educational record.
2. If security recordings become evidence in any kind of disciplinary proceeding, litigation or the subject of a litigation hold (spoliation of evidence notice); or, if the security recording otherwise takes a status that would require a longer retention period according to the applicable retention schedule, it must be retained for the amount of time specified by the School District’s records retention schedule, or until all actions have been resolved, whichever time period is greater.
3. Staff, students or parents/legal guardians alleging that a classroom incident has occurred requiring review of the security recording will file a written request on the form provided by the School District with the Principal or designee as soon as possible after the person suspects the alleged incident may be captured by the security recording. Upon notification from the Principal, the School District Police will review the appropriate security recording and determine if the alleged incident is recorded. If recorded, the security recording will be reviewed by and released within the discretion of the School District Police consistent with this policy as well as state and Federal law.

ADOPTED: July 19, 2018