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Course Rescue Clarity Statement:

Course Rescue Statement of Clarity:

After an assignment intended to assess mastery of the focus standard(s), which will be placed in the Assessment of Standard grading category, has been administered and a student doesn’t show mastery, the student is offered an opportunity to rescue the focus standard(s).

Course Rescue Intent and Procedure:

• Course Rescue is intended for use with courses that have a developed CCSD Course Blueprint.
• For Course Rescue to be effective, a course/teacher must follow the CCSD Course Blueprint and adhere to the Teaching and Learning Map contained within the blueprint.
• For Course Rescue to be effective, teacher designed assessments must align with the focus standards and supporting standards outlined on the course Teaching and Learning Map.
• Course Rescue is intended to support the remediation process of reteaching, additional practice and re-assessment when a student does not demonstrate mastery on an assignment designated in the Assessment of Standards grading category. Most often, this will be an assignment intended to assess mastery of a focus standard in which the student has scored below a 70.
• Course Rescue is NOT used for initial instruction or to support students who are absent from class. Course Rescue is based on a student having already received instruction on the content/standards.
• To initiate the Course Rescue process, the classroom teacher must assign the Rescue Path assignment to the student.
• For Course Rescue to be successful, the classroom teacher must monitor student progress through the rescue.
• The final assessment in Course Rescue should be unlocked and assigned by the classroom teacher and proctored by a certified staff member with Respondus Lock-Down Browser.
• The intent of the Course Rescue post-test is for a student to demonstrate mastery of the focus standard(s) by achieving a score of 80% and for the previously failed Assessment of Standard assignment grade to be replaced with a 70 to include a note on the grade that indicates “Rescue Pathway Used”.