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FD – Long-Range Planning

  • Document Link: FD – Long-Range Planning
  • Title: Long-Range Planning
  • Section: F. Facility Expansion Program
  • Adoption Date: 07/16/2020
  • Ref Code: O.C.G.A. 20-02-0016, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0260, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0520, Rule 160-5-4-.01

 Descriptor Code: FD
Long-Range Planning

The Cherokee County Board of Education will make comprehensive studies to determine the need and location of public school buildings, to determine the safety and educational requirements of school buildings and to plan the methods of financing the cost of constructing and equipping such buildings. The construction of all school buildings must be approved by the School Board and must be according to the plans furnished by the School District to the State Department of Education.

The School Board will have a comprehensive, updated facility inventory in order to qualify for state capital outlay funds. The inventory will include a list of all new facilities needed, those scheduled to be abandoned and those requiring renovation within the next five years. At least once every five years, the School Board will cooperate with the State Department of Education in conducting a facility inventory which will include the School Board’s priorities for new school construction and/or renovation. The State Board of Education may approve or reject the survey team’s findings. The School Board also has the right to appeal the team’s findings before the State Board. The School Board and School District will take all reasonable actions to maximize the State Department’s contribution to local school construction.

ADOPTED: August 2, 2001         REVISED: July 16, 2020