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Forms & Updates to Student Information

New Student Enrollment

Parents can use CCSD's new registration system to enroll all students Grades K-12 who will be new to CCSD for the 2023-24 School Year or for the upcoming 2024-25 School Year.  You can access the new system online here. - be sure to select the correct enrollment year.   Guidance on using the new system is online here.  All 23 CCSD elementary schools have full-day kindergarten.  Learn more about kindergarten in CCSD by checking out Ready to Learn:  A Parent’s Guide to CCSD Kindergarten (Spanish version is here).  

Updating Student Information During the School Year

The Express Gateway offers parents the ability to update most basic contact information for their child (including updates that will be used by ParentSquare) without having to contact the school or fill out more paper forms. The information that can be updated is listed below.

  • Parent phone numbers (home, cell and work)
  • Parent email address
  • Application for Free/Reduced Price Lunch
  • Student primary phone number
  • Early Dismissal information updates
  • Changes to Contacts 2 -10 including edits, deletions and additions
  • Changes to receive emails (this must be "Yes" to enable ParentSquare account)

If you need to make a correction or change to your child's address, please contact the school.  All student address changes require appropriate documentation before the change will be entered into our Aspen student information system.  Early Dismissal details shown on Express Gateway are for review only.  If a change is needed to your child’s Early Dismissal, this must be communicated in writing to the school in advance.  Changes are not accepted for immediate use on an early dismissal day.   

To access the Express Gateway, go to  The Username field is the student’s local student ID, sometimes referred to as his or her “lunch number."  The password is the student’s GTID, a 10-digit number assigned by the Georgia Department of Education. Both ID numbers are listed on report cards. If you don't have these numbers and need assistance, please contact the school, so they can provide the information to you.

After you use the Express Gateway to update your child’s information, an email notification will be sent to the primary contact.  Information that was changed in Express Gateway will be attached to this email in a password protected file.  To open and review these attached change forms, use the child’s GTID as the password.


School District Forms

Enrollment Guidelines

Enrollment Guidelines for Educating the Homeless (PDF)

State-Required Immunizations for Purposes of School Enrollment (PDF)

Other Enrollment Information

2023-24 Monthly (1) Enrollment Report:  41,720 students

2023-24 Monthly (7) Enrollment Report:  41,831 students

Monthly Attendance Report:  94.8% (Month 7)

"Child Find" Information

Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

Parents/Guardians of students interested in part-time enrollment for participation in grades 6-12 extracurricular activities shall submit the following documents to the Office of School Operations via email to

  • SY2023-24 Home Study Part-time Enrollment Acknowledgement. This form must be submitted at least 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the semester in which the student will enroll in a qualifying course.
  • A copy of the student’s most recent annual progress assessment report. Additionally, a transcript from the home study program is required if participating in a GHSA sport or activity. The transcript shall include the number of cumulative credits earned to date.
  • A copy of the State of Georgia Home Study Program Declaration of Intent Form filed with the Georgia Department of Education.