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GBKA – Personnel Reduction in Force

  • Document Link: GBKA – Personnel Reduction in Force
  • Title: Personnel Reduction in Force
  • Section: G. Personnel
  • Adoption Date: 07/19/2018
  • Ref Code: O.C.G.A. 20-02-1160, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0211, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0940, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0942, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0943
  • Document Link:  CCSD Guidelines

Descriptor Code: GBKA
Personnel Reduction in Force


When the Superintendent of the Cherokee County School District determines that the application of this reduction in force policy is necessary, it will be his/her primary responsibility to prepare a plan for reduction in force (RIF) in the affected program area(s) for School Board approval.

In developing a RIF plan, the Superintendent will insure that a reduction in force does not reduce the quality of programs in the school district and that the plan complies with School Board Policy regarding Equal Opportunity Employment (GAAA). In making recommendations for elimination or downgrading of employee positions, the Superintendent may consider any position or employee.

This RIF policy will apply to all personnel employed by the School District. Nothing in this policy, however, will be construed to extend to personnel any expectation of re-employment or due process rights greater than are available to the specific employees as applicable under the Georgia Fair Dismissal Act, O.C.G.A. § 20-2-940 et seq.; nor is this policy to be construed to mandate the promotion of an employee to a position of higher rank, authority, or compensation, even though the employee who is to be terminated may be qualified or certified for a higher position, or reassignment to a lower-level position. This policy will be interpreted to afford the Superintendent maximum flexibility in determining which circumstances allow implementation of this policy.

To the extent that any provision in this policy conflicts with or is superseded by State or Federal law, the applicable State or Federal law controls. The Superintendent will establish and maintain all necessary guidelines for administration of this policy.

ADOPTED: August 2, 2001
REVISED: July 20, 2017
REVISED: July 19, 2018

CCSD Administrative Guidelines Regarding Personnel Reduction in Force
Pursuant to the School Board’s Personnel Reduction in Force Policy (GBKA), these administrative guidelines are to be utilized by CCSD staff in policy application:

 Purpose for a Reduction in Force (RIF)
A RIF is an action to reduce the number of employees in a department or program, or at the District level overall. As a part of consideration for recommendation of a RIF, the Superintendent may examine other available alternatives including advance planning, attrition, hiring freezes, job share arrangements, job reclassifications, reduction in work days or hours, voluntary resignations and other measures. Circumstances that necessitate a reduction in force include, but are not limited to, a decline or shift in student enrollment or demographics, a deficit in local, state or federal funding, revenue shortfall, cancellation or downsizing of program(s), closing or consolidation of schools, or other similar circumstances, as determined by the Superintendent of Schools.

Identification of Positions for a Reduction in Force
When the Superintendent believes that a RIF is necessary, either alone or in conjunction with other measures, the Superintendent will present the Board with a RIF Plan that includes the following components:

1. A description of the circumstances giving rise to the proposed staff reduction and the timetable for announcing the staff reduction, notifying the affected employee(s), and effectuating the terminations.

2. The dollar amount by which the budget/program is proposed to be cut and the number of positions to be affected in each designated category.

3. A rationale for which positions are most vital in the delivery of services to achieve School District priorities.

4. The proposed criteria for determining which employees would be terminated as a result of the reduction in force.

5. Any additional pertinent information that would assist the Board in considering the proposed RIF Plan.

Identification of Employees for a Reduction in Force
The Superintendent may establish an Ad Hoc RIF Committee to be comprised of representatives from the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Financial Management, and other appropriate departments. In making recommendations to the Superintendent in this regard, the committee may utilize a combination of factors to identify employees to be affected by the RIF (such as critical or special skills, job performance including student achievement, leadership activities, length of service with the School District, specialized training and/or education, experience, and/or a combination of these or other factors).
In developing recommendations for consideration by the Superintendent, the RIF Committee will ensure that the process is consistent with the selection criteria as outlined in the Plan and supported by appropriate documentation. Notice to Affected Employees Once the individuals whose positions are proposed to be eliminated have been selected, notice will be provided pursuant to the Superintendent’s RIF Plan. Notice will include two possible alternatives: (1) separation of employment under the RIF, or (2) voluntary resignation; and, the notice will provide a deadline for the employee to notify the School District of which option he or she has selected. An employee who fails to respond within the designated time period will be deemed to have accepted the RIF option.

All affected employees will receive information from the Office of Human Resources regarding the following benefits and services that may be available:
• Employee Assistance Program services
• Retirement System Membership options
• Health and Life Insurance benefit continuation options (temporary extended coverage and conversion/portability privileges)
• Unemployment insurance
• Payout of accumulated sick and/or vacation leave (as applicable for the employee’s position)
• Possible reemployment opportunities

Reemployment Opportunities
Employees who are separated from employment as a result of the RIF may apply for any vacant position for which they are qualified, pursuant to the Board’s normal hiring practices. When practicable, priority reemployment consideration will be provided for a defined period to eligible employees who are separated from employment due to the RIF.

Temporary or substitute employees, employees with time-limited contracts, employees funded through grants or other special programs, regular employees scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week, and employees who are in their first 90 days of employment with the District, may be separated from employment as a result of the RIF and are not eligible for priority reemployment consideration.

Compliance with State, Federal Law and Board Policy
All termination and reemployment decisions pursuant to the RIF Board policy and guidelines will be made without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, handicap, disability or other protected status of the employee.

Terminations occasioned by a reduction in force will be carried out in accordance with all applicable Board policies or procedures and the Georgia Fair Dismissal Act, if applicable.