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Guidelines for Sales by School

  1. All school sales/fundraiser projects by schools and/or organizations representing schools must have prior approval by the principal.
  2. Sales projects that require student participation must have board approval. This includes, but is not limited to, sales projects under the sponsorship of booster clubs an P.T.A. (BOE Policy KEBB/JKB)
  3. No sales/fundraiser projects that are associated with the sale and/or advertisement of alcoholic beverages will be allowed by schools and/or organizations representing schools.
  4. Certain sales that generate funds that have a direct financial benefit to the school do not require board approval. These include, but are not limited to; sales of spirit wear, student dances, and school annuals/yearbooks.
  5. School sales that are not designed to generate a profit for the school, or any school group, do not require board approval: (1) yearbook sales; (2) Charity collections that are not deposited to school accounts.
  6. Commercial advertising materials that have no educational value will not be distributed in the schools (BOE Policy K-J). Commercial endeavors are not to solicit, advertise services, or sell goods on school property unless given approval by the BOE.