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Student Activities

Last Updated: 7/27/2020 12:28 AM

Holly Springs STEM Academy offers a variety of clubs for students. Clubs offer students opportunities for enrichment and academic competition. Holly Springs Student Council will serve as the leadership and advisory board for all School Council Meetings and service projects. 

*All students participating in an after-school club will be required to register for ASP at no cost. Payment would occur on an as needed basis.

The following clubs will be offered during the 2021-2022 school year:


Club Name

Teacher Sponsor(s)


Jr. Beta Club

Tammie Rice

Hope Tew

The purpose of Jr. Beta club is to promote character and social responsibility by encouraging students to participate in the school community. Jr. Beta club also focuses on developing leadership, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

Science Olympiad

Naticia Zocca

Kimberly Kell

The purpose of Science Olympiad is to excite and encourage students to engage in math, science, and technology through investigations and experimentation. Participants, in grades 3-5, practice activities to prepare them for county and state competitions. 

Reading Bowl Team

Maria McCardle

Courtney Cox

The purpose of Reading Bowl Team is to represent Holly Springs Students in the annual Reading Bowl Competition. Students will read across genres of books selected by, many nominated to win the Georgia Book Award.  They will meet weekly to prepare for competitions related to these books.

Garden Club


Molly Guy and Cindy Rudin

Tiffany McKibben

The purpose of Gardening club is to encourage students to become stewards of the land around them, their school, and their own backyard.

Student Council

Karen Schnell

Katie-Anne Barnes

Kristie Barker

The purpose of Student Council is to provide 4th and 5th grade students an opportunity to serve as a liaison, representing Holly Springs student body.  The organization will foster school spirit and pride as well as lead community service projects.   Each 4th and 5th grade homeroom will elect one student.  

Math Competition Team

Molly Guy  and Cindy Rudin


The purpose of Math Competition Team is to excite and encourage students to engage in real-world math problem solving through team competition.

Academic Bowl Team

Jody Staab

Cathy Hazzard

The purpose of the Academic Bowl Team is to challenge students who desire to learn knowledge while exhibiting an attitude of respect for themselves and others through academic competition.


Jennifer McCarthy

The purpose of HSES Chorus club is to introduce and develop choral skills for performance application.  Students rehearse weekly after school and perform a holiday concert.

Art Club

David Jacobs

The purpose of Art club is designed to extend the learning, thinking, and creativity of students. Students will be engaged in art projects determined through interest surveys and guided discussions.

Relay for Life Team

Amanda Anderson and Phil Dutko

The purpose of Relay for Life is to provide students with knowledge and skills to maintain health and wellness while supporting the mission in stopping childhood cancer.

Minecraft Club

Naticia Zocca

Kimberly Kell

The purpose of Minecraft club is to offer structured curriculum-based activities and free-play or team-based activities through Minecraft EDU. Minecraft requires students to collaborate and develop skills required for abstract problem-solving.


Maria McCardle and David Jacobs

The purpose of WPAWS News is to provide students with real-world exposure to Broadcast Media production in sharing service announcements, school information, and events with the school community daily.





Donna Swindell

Rachel Danley


Meets 1st Wed. Of each month

The purpose of FISH Club is to help students develop Christian morals and values.

Technology Club

Chelsea Chandler

Merrell Sperling

The purpose of the Technology Club will introduce students to new technology as well as challenge them to enhance their technical skills. Students will create a project to enter into the Regional Technology Competition.

Wild Cat Ambassadors (Safety Patrol)

Chris Guy

The purpose of Wild Cat Ambassadors is to involve students in building a relevant and engaging school environment which promotes a safe and positive climate and culture at Holly Springs Elementary School.