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IDCH – Dual Enrollment

  • Document Link: IDCH – Dual Enrollment
  • Title: Dual Enrollment
  • Section: I. Instructional Program
  • Adoption Date: 07/15/2021
  • Ref Code: O.C.G.A. 20-02-0161.2, Rule 160-4-10-.02, Rule 160-4-3-.02, Rule 160-4-3-.14
  • Document Link:  CCSD Guidelines 

Descriptor Code: IDCH
Dual Enrollment 

The Cherokee County Board of Education makes provisions for its high school students to participate in Dual Enrollment as referenced in State Board Rule 160-4-2-.34. The School District requires these students to meet state assessment requirements. Dual Enrollment is a program through which high school students take courses from a state public or private post-secondary institution while still enrolled as a high school student and receive credit both at the high school and at the post-secondary institution. Dual Enrollment courses can be completed in high school classrooms, on a college campus or through distance learning. The Superintendent will establish administrative guidelines necessary to provide for implementation of this Policy.

REVISED: July 15, 2021

CCSD Administrative Guidelines Regarding Dual Enrollment
Pursuant to the School Board’s Dual Enrollment Policy (IDCH), these administrative guidelines are to be utilized by CCSD staff in Policy application:

1. Students may enroll full-time or part-time in approved credit bearing college-level courses approved by the State Board of Education. Courses may be taken before, during or after regular school hours on the college campus, online or at the high school where available. Dual Enrollment students must maintain full time enrollment status (enrollment for the equivalent of 4 or more Dual Enrollment courses totaling at least 12 semester hours per school term of postsecondary credit at an eligible postsecondary institution; or a combination of high school and college courses to equal a total of 6 classes). Students participating in the Accelerated Career Diploma program may not be required to maintain full time high school enrollment status. The Accelerated Career Diploma, formerly known as “Option B,” is a Dual Enrollment program designed for those students who have already chosen a career path in which they will be ready to begin work upon earning either 1) two Technical Certificates in one of several eligible career pathways, 2) a technical diploma or 3) an associate degree while simultaneously completing the nine required high school courses to earn a high school diploma.
2. Students must meet criteria specified by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) for Dual Enrollment.
3. Students will take courses from a list approved by the GSFC developed with input from the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia.
4. Students who participate in Dual Enrollment will adhere to all guidelines associated with the program.
5. For students who participate in Dual Enrollment, the grades and amount of credit for each approved course will be placed on high school transcripts and will be used in computing grade point averages and numeric grade average for the purpose of determining class rank.
6. Postsecondary semester hour credit will be converted to high school credit as follows:

  • 1 to 2 semester hours = .5 unit;
  • 3 to 5 semester hours = 1 unit;
  • 1 to 3 quarter hours = .5 unit;
  • 4 to 8 quarter hours = 1 unit.

7. Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment are exempt from required instructional time, as specified in State Board Rule 160-5-1-.02.
8. Except in instances where the post-secondary institution provides the School District with a numerical grade on an official student transcript, the correlation of student’s grades earned at the post-secondary institution and the secondary cumulative grade point average will be as follows:

  • A+ = 98
  • A = 95
  • A - = 92
  • B+ = 88
  • B = 85
  • B - = 82
  • C+ = 78
  • C = 75
  • C - = 72
  • D+ = 70
  • D = 70
  • D - = 70
  • F =60

The School District will:
1. Identify eligible students according to Dual Enrollment program criteria.
2. For funding purposes, report Dual Enrollment students in accordance with FTE guidelines as described in FTE Data Collection Codes and Weights.
3. Require eligible students to meet state assessment requirements as required in State Board of Education Rule 160-3-1-.07 TESTING PROGRAMS– STUDENT ASSESSMENT.
4. Apply the provisions of State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.18 COMPETITIVE INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES IN GRADES 6-12 to students enrolled in an approved dual enrollment program.
5. Award secondary credit toward state and local high school graduation requirements for the successful completion of any approved Dual Enrollment course as documented on the student’s high school transcript.
6. By February 1 of each school year, or prior to enrollment in an eligible institution, school systems will provide general information about Dual Enrollment to all eighth through eleventh grade students as part of the development of their program of study. College and universities have the right to determine Dual Enrollment criteria.

1. Students must complete the CCSD Dual Enrollment Participation Form and meet with their School Counselor prior to enrollment or participation in a Dual Enrollment program. Parents are also required to acknowledge an understanding of the requirements for student participation in Dual Enrollment.
2. Student participation in Dual Enrollment will be guided by GSFC regulations and Federal statutes (e.g. IDEA, Section 504 of ADA).
3. Students are subject to the provisions in O.C.G.A. §20-2-150 – Eligibility for Enrollment.
4. Students are required to provide his or her transportation.
5. Participation in the program may require payment of additional fees to the postsecondary institution. Such fees will be billed by the post-secondary institution to the student.
6. Students must meet the local graduation requirements for the student’s Program of Study for the year of his/her enrollment in high school.
7. Students attending post-secondary institutions are subject to the rules of post-secondary institutions and their local high school. 
8. Students planning to participate in the spring graduation ceremony must have completed all Dual Enrollment courses to fulfill all graduation requirements and must provide the necessary transcript no later than forty-eight (48) hours before the ceremony.
9. Students who successfully complete a course(s) in a post-secondary institution through the Dual Enrollment program will receive quality points for courses used in calculating the weighted numeric grade average whenever the college course taken is equivalent to an Advanced Placement (AP) high school course (for which a student has not already taken and received quality points) or a waiver is recommended and approved by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.
10. Students who withdraw from a Dual Enrollment course after the college/university drop date will receive a grade of 60 for the course on their CCSD high school transcript.

Revised July 13, 2023