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IHE – Promotion, Placement and Retention

 Descriptor Code: IHE
Promotion, Placement and Retention

The Cherokee County Board of Education promotes, places or retains a student in a grade, class or program based on academic achievement assessments. At the elementary and middle school levels, the determination of the educational placement in which the student is most likely to receive appropriate instruction and other services will be determined by a school-based committee. The Principal or designee and a committee consisting of teacher(s) and parents will review all assessment data to make a determination in this regard. School level promotion, placement, and retention decisions may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools or designee, whose decision will be final.

At the high school level, credits earned on an annual basis as part of graduation requirements will determine promotion, placement and retention. (Graduation Policy IHF).

For students eligible for an Individualized Education Program (IEP), and whose promotion to the next grade level is in question, the decision regarding the student’s grade placement will be made by the student’s IEP Team, which may include the Principal and/or Principal’s designee. If the student’s parent does not agree with the promotion decision, then the parent can submit a written request to the Principal that their student be considered for retention by the school-based committee, which will include the Principal or the Principal’s designee and the student’s current special education teacher and any other staff the Principal deems necessary. The school-based committee will collect and review data on the student’s performance to make a decision about the appropriateness of retention for the student. If a consensus decision cannot be reached by the committee, the Principal or Principal’s designee will make the final decision.

The Superintendent will establish administrative guidelines necessary to provide for implementation of this Policy.

REVISED: July 15, 2021