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IHEAA – Tutoring

  • Document Link: IHEAA – Tutoring
  • Title: Tutoring
  • Section: I. Instructional Program
  • Adoption Date: 07/18/2019
  • Ref Code: Rule 160-4-5-.03

 Descriptor Code: IHEAA

The Cherokee County Board of Education recommends that parents support and reinforce the objectives outlined in the student performance standards as approved by the State Board of Education. The School District recognizes that parents have the prerogative to hire a tutor to assist in this process.

Tutor - an individual who performs the service of private academic instruction for a fee.
Tutoring - the act of providing one-on-one private academic instruction for a fee.

II. GENERAL POLICY In the event a parent/legal guardian employs a tutor, it is recommended that he/she contracts with the tutor to provide teaching materials beyond those issued in the student’s classroom. School District employees may not tutor or receive compensation for tutoring students who are currently in their classes. Additionally, individual tutoring for compensation by School District employees will not take place during the school day or utilize School District facilities or resources.

Maintaining a high quality instructional staff and providing a rich, varied curriculum should minimize the need for individual tutoring. Parents/legal guardians should be fully informed of all tutoring available to assist students with additional instruction/remediation. Every effort should be made by the principal and teacher(s) to help students with educational problems before recommending that parent(s)/legal guardian(s) engage a tutor. Work completed under private instruction will not be accepted for credit unless strictly in accordance with accreditation standards, Georgia State Board of Education Rules and Georgia statutes.

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction will identify School District employees who wish to tutor and will formulate a list of potential tutors annually. The list will be maintained by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction and will contain names, content areas, grade levels and contact information.

The School District does not bear any responsibility for the success of tutoring. Accordingly, the School District and its staff will neither recommend nor evaluate the tutor. Fees are established by tutors and parents/legal guardians independent of the School District.

ADOPTED: August 2, 2001      REVISED: July 18, 2019