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Student Activities

Last Updated: 10/26/2022 4:24 PM

Below are a list of clubs available here at Johnston Elementary and the grade levels that can apply/join.

Club Name

Grade Levels


Science Olympiad 3rd-5th Grade
Limited number of students

Macy Anderson
Shelby Sartore
Tara Tucci

Technology Club and Competition  3rd-5th Grade Katie Post
Abigail Schwegel
Danielle Townsend
Reading Bowl

4th-5th Grades Application 

3rd Grade- Teacher Recommendation

Paige Chandler
Courtney Hines

Academic Bowl 4th-5th Grade Application and Try-Out required

Cammie Johnston
Tessa Witt

JES Student Council 4th-5th Grade Students must be nominated by peers, give a speech and be elected. Jennifer Chambers
Kathleen Zackery
Safety Patrol 4th-5th Grade

Jennifer Chambers

4-H Club 4th-5th Grade

Cristina Markley
Brittany Stalling

Running Club 4th-5th Grade Coach Philpot
Junior Beta Club 5th Grade All A's/ Teacher Recommendation

Susan Turco
Haley Phillips

Friends Club 4th-5th Grade Teacher Recommendation

Sarah Gunn