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KG – Use of School Facilities

  • Document Link: KG – Use of School Facilities
  • Title: Use of School Facilities
  • Section: K. General Public Relations
  • Adoption Date: 07/18/2024
  • Ref Code: O.C.G.A. 20-02-2068.2, O.C.G.A. 20-02-0520, 20 USC 7905 , 20 USC 4071
  • Document Link:  CCSD Guidelines

Descriptor Code: KG
Use of School Facilities 

It is the policy of the Cherokee County Board of Education to make buildings, facilities and grounds available to the community when not in use for school activities, subject to the requirements specified herein. Permission for use of School District facilities does not constitute an endorsement of any organization, the beliefs of the organization or group, nor the expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election or defect of any issue. The School District reserves the right to withhold approval or to cancel any and all use of facilities when it is deemed that such action is necessary for the best interest of the School District and/or its students. Certain uses of facilities requires the payment of a rental fee in accordance with the rental schedule maintained by the School District. In establishing the user fee, the School District finds that the imposition of higher fees is required for use by certain groups and for uses of facilities on weekends, holidays or during the summer due to, among other things, increased administrative burdens related to community use of facilities on those days. These increased burdens include, by way of example, making arrangements for heating, ventilating, air conditioning; availability of adequate custodial staff; security measures; rescheduling planned maintenance and repairs; increased traffic, parking; increased wear and tear on School District facilities. All potential users of School District facilities will defend and indemnify the School District and any persons whose property may be within said building for loss or damage to such property caused by any person or persons attending said meeting or any damage or injury arising by reason of any use of facilities. The School District requires users provide evidence of insurance for coverage and amounts satisfactory for indemnification and defense to the School District. The School District reserves the right in its discretion to require a performance bond or a deposit for the protection of facilities and equipment and to guarantee the payment of user fee and expense. Potential users are required to submit, prior to use of a facility, a district Facility Use Application which must be signed and approved by the Principal/Work Location Supervisor and the Office of Support Services. The School District through the School Board, Superintendent, principal, or their designees may bar or terminate facilities use by any group or organization which has in any way misused or damaged any facility. The School District herein differentiates uses of facilities into the following categories based upon the potential use of School District facilities, as well as, the purpose of the group making use of the facilities. 

A. Community or Child-Oriented Organization
1. Adult Groups
School District-sponsored activities such as wellness programs, employee organizations. Uses by Cherokee County municipal and governmental agencies, such as the Board of Elections, law enforcement agencies, fire protection agencies, Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency, etc. Any organization wishing to use School District facilities for the purpose of sponsoring a forum for political candidates in which all candidates are given an equal opportunity to speak or present their views on issues. Adult groups defined above will not be required to pay a rental fee for their use of School District facilities. The aforesaid groups may be required to pay supervision, security, utility and custodial fees as described herein below.
2. School Allied Groups
A school allied exemption is authorized for the following groups (this designation may allow for a waiver of a portion of the fees described within this policy, as determined by the Office of Support Services):
• PTA;
• School booster clubs;
• Volunteer organizations or foundations established for the purpose of assisting school districts and recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (a)(3), or similar foundations, which have applied for such recognition;
• School Councils;
• Cherokee County Educational Foundation (CCEF);
• Volunteer, no-fee student tutorial organizations; and, 
• Third party providers contracted with the School District to provide afterschool programs.
3. Children Groups Character building recreational and educational groups of school age
Cherokee County children such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and recreation associations. Recreational summer camps or training camps in which the children are charged a fee are not exempted from the rental fee requirement. Children Groups defined above will not be required to pay a rental fee for their use of School District facilities. The aforesaid group may be required to pay a supervision, security, utility and custodial fee as described herein below.
B. Community Non-Profit Groups
Cherokee County non-profit community organizations including but not limited to family gatherings, wedding showers or receptions; benefit programs which directly benefit a Cherokee County resident or residents and recreational summer or training camps. The above user will be required to pay a rental fee as specified herein below, as well as a supervision, security, utility and custodial fee.  
C. General Facility Use
All reasonable uses of School District facilities not previously identified above. The above user will be required to pay a rental fee as specified herein below as well as a supervision, utility, security and custodial fee.

A. Rental Fee
Each School District facility is rented on an hourly basis for a minimum of two hours. Each facility has hourly rental rates based upon utilization of the building, as described in the School District’s facility rental guidelines. If any portion of an hour is exceeded during a rental period, the hourly billing “rounds-up” and includes the additional hourly charge for extended use. All rental fees reflect and are based upon the original intended use of the facilities. A listing of the current rates for School District facilities use may be obtained in the School District’s online Principals’ Handbook, Facility and Materials Management Section (
B. Distance Learning
Where the School District enters into written partnership agreements to provide opportunities for distance learning by staff, specific guidelines, procedures and fees in this regard will be specified in the agreement, recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board.
C. Extended Use
Extended use of school facilities requires a separate lease agreement, which must be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board.
D. Supervision Fee
For each said use, the organization or group making use of a facility will pay a supervision fee to the School District. Where supervision is required, the employee(s) designated by the Principal will be paid at his/her regular hourly rate or at his/her over-time rate, if required. The Office of Support Services may waive the supervision fee in the event the contemplated use of said facility is during times when the facility would normally be open and supervision available. That Office may waive said fee for uses that do not require direct supervision.
E. Custodial Fee
For each said use, the organization or group making use of a facility will pay a custodial fee to the service provider. The Office of Support Services may waive the aforesaid fee for uses of facility by a group which does not require maintenance (clean up). Even if initially waived, a fee will be assessed if utilization of a facility requires custodial service after an event/activity is held.
F. Security Fee
If it is determined that security is required, the user will be informed by the principal or designee that police officers of the Cherokee County School Police Department will be required to be present during use of the facility for such purposes before approval will be given. Officers of the Cherokee County School Police Department will receive compensation at his/her overtime rate. The Office of Support Services may waive the aforesaid fee in the event that use of the facility is during regular school/business hours and school police personnel are present on the campus. If an officer(s) of the Cherokee County School Police Department is not available, security will be arranged by the Cherokee County School Police Department through their contacts with other local law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction within Cherokee County. The user will be informed of the  rates and payment procedures, since these may vary among other local law enforcement agencies.
G. Utility Fee
For each said use, the organization or group making use of the School District facility will pay a utility fee based upon current cost factors for providing heating/cooling/ventilating, lighting, water/sewer usage, garbage pickup, etc. These cost factors will be adjusted from time to time to reflect current costs for these expenses/services.
H. Gymnasium/Field Maintenance Fee
Youth sports league play accelerates wear on hardwood gym floors and outdoor fields. This requires additional refinishing to maintain an acceptable playing surface on gymnasium floors.

Community use of School District facilities is on a first-come, first-served basis. The School District does not rent laboratories (computer, science, automotive, etc.) for community use, unless specifically designated in written, systemic partnership agreements recommended by the Superintendent and approved in advance by the School Board. Signage created by School District facility users must not be placed on School District property until the day prior to utilization of the facility and must be removed immediately after each use. Signage, billboards and other communications relative to events held by users at School District facilities must not imply a permanent, exclusive relationship between the organization and the School District. Signage for these purposes requires prior approval of the worksite location supervisor/principal. No permanent signage may be erected by a School District facility user.

Some community activities and events are not compatible with the utilization of public school buildings, facilities and/or grounds:
a. Animal shows and exhibits.
b. For-profit bingo, except PTA-sponsored activities that are consistent with state law.
c. Direct selling of products and services on school premises, except PTA-sponsored activities.
d. Overnight lodging activities.
e. Other activities or events with inherently high risk of bodily injury or property damage to facilities and/or participants and/or spectators or increased School District exposure to other related losses or expenses.
f. Private sector tutoring, therapy and/or private school classes. 
g. Tutoring by School District employees.
h. Motorized vehicle/bicycle rallies and races.
i. Any other activity deemed by the School District to not be compatible with the utilization of public school buildings, facilities and/or grounds. For-profit sports summer camps, summer recreational leagues and any other activities where School District employees are compensated require a special lease agreement approved in advance by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Compatibility with utilization of public school buildings is ultimately determined by the Superintendent to ensure consistently applied guidelines throughout the School District.

he Office of Support Services will be responsible for collecting all fees from the school(s) reflected in and required pursuant to this policy and will forward all such fees to the Office of Financial Management. The Chief Financial Officer will account for all fees in this regard and will ensure that all related expenses (utility, supervisory, security, custodial, gym/field maintenance, etc.) are paid and reflected in appropriate school, District or service provider budget accounts.

ADOPTED: August 2, 2001       REVISED: July 18, 2024

CCSD Administrative Guidelines Regarding Facility Use
Pursuant to the School Board’s Use of School Facilities Policy (KG), these administrative guidelines are to be utilized by CCSD staff in policy application:

Facilities/Equipment Use and Care
School Board Policy, Community Use of System Facilities, Descriptor code: KG, Effective 07.18.19, will be the governing authority. A copy of this Policy will be provided to all facility use applicants. The principal or his/her designee must meet with the applicant and review the terms of the Facility Use Application/Agreement and/or Special Lease Agreement, obtain the required documentation as outlined in the Agreements, and send copies of the Agreements and other required documentation to the appropriate department.

The supervision and care of facilities are part of the overall safety plan and responsibility of the principal, as well as the administration. Supervision must be provided anytime students are in school facilities. The principal or his/her designee will coordinate all use of facilities. No keys will be loaned or duplicated except with permission of the principal and Office of Support Services. No student manager will have keys assigned to him/her.

Facility Use Application Requirements
Prior to use of a facility, all facility use applicants are required to complete and agree to the terms of a Cherokee County School District (CCSD) Facility Use Application/Agreement. The principal/work location supervisor must approve the Application/Agreement prior to use of the facility. The principal/work location supervisor has the authority to approve or deny any request.

Special Lease Agreement Requirements
In addition, prior to use of a facility, the completion of a Facility Use Application/Agreement, all Lessees of School District Facilities are required to complete a School District Special Lease Agreement. The principal or facility supervisor must recommend to the Superintendent for consideration of approval by the School Board prior to use of the facility. Submission for approval must be made prior to the deadline for items to be placed on the Agenda for the next School Board meeting and before the event date.

Lessees include the following users of facilities:
• For-profit summer camps, summer recreational leagues and/or any activities where CCSD employees are compensated, Or
• Users applying for extended use of school facilities that are required to pay rental fees. Extended use is defined as an event involving four or more consecutive days or for recurring activities.

For participants in athletic and/or camp related events, Lessees of School District facilities are required to maintain insurance information to include the following:
• Parent/guardian agrees to cover athletes under personal health or accident insurance policy and provides proof of insurance (copy of current insurance identification card,) Or
• The user will require each participant to purchase accident insurance coverage during the event.

Release of Liability/Insurance Requirement
By execution of the Facility Use Application/Agreement, users of School District facilities agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CCSD, and any persons whose property may be within said building, for loss or damage to such property caused by any person or persons attending said meeting; or for any damage or injury or other loss, including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation, arising out of the use of facilities.

All users must provide a Certificate of Insurance, in an amount of not less than $1 Million aggregate single limit coverage, naming CCSD as an additional insured on a general liability insurance policy. Additional insurance limits may be required as determined by School District personnel based upon a review of the Facility Use Application and Agreement.

Facility Use Fee Schedule
Explanation of Charges:

Rental Fees
• Each facility is rented on an hourly basis for a minimum of two hours.
• Each facility has an hourly rental rate based upon utilization of the building.
• Rent is accessed at $10/sq. ft. per annum calculated to a daily rate for all areas and averaged for all CCSD facilities (Auditoriums are assessed at $12.50/sq. ft.).
• Total area square feet will include the entire sq. ft. for a stand-alone structure, which includes the defined area of use and any connecting hallways/corridors.

Utility Fee
• Electrical;
• Gas;
• Water;
• Sewerage; and
• Furniture, fixtures and equipment increased operational/repair costs.

Custodial Fee
• The rate will be determined by group designation. For all CCSD schools and affiliated groups, the custodial overtime rate will be $18 per hour and for all Private/Third Party groups, the rate will be $28 per hour.
• CCSD Affiliated Groups include, but are not limited to: CCSD Schools, PTA, Jr. Programs, Cherokee County Government Entities, and Organizations with CCSD Partnership Agreements. Private/Third Party groups include, but are not limited to: Churches, Dance Companies, and HOA’s, etc.
• Custodial Overtime Request forms are required to be submitted with the Facility Use documents.
• Restroom supplies: soap, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bag, etc.

Security Fee
• CCSD Police Officer salary and equipment costs for unlocking/locking facility.

Supervisory Fee
• Salary costs for school system administrator supervision (not custodian).

Gym/Field Maintenance Fee
• Additional costs for gym floor refinishing due to increased use;
• Additional cost for field refurbishing due to increased use.

• The School District does not rent kitchen/serving areas, or art/music/band/chorus rooms of any school.
• Events or activities should end no later than 9:00 p.m. on school nights.