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KJA- Educational Support Organizations and Booster Clubs

 Descriptor Code: KJA
Educational Support Organizations and Booster Clubs

The Cherokee County Board of Education supports and encourages the establishment of educational support organizations and booster clubs to supplement the educational program and extracurricular activities. The School Board recognizes the important role of these organizations in the accomplishment of its Major System Priorities. The Superintendent will establish guidelines for the administration and conduct of educational support organizations and booster clubs.

ADOPTED: July 19, 2018

CCSD Administrative Guidelines Regarding Educational Support Organizations and Booster Clubs
Pursuant to the School Board’s Educational Support Organizations and Booster Clubs Policy (KJA), these administrative guidelines are to be utilized by CCSD staff in policy application:

Although parent organizations and booster clubs “Educational Support Organizations” (ESO) are affiliated with the school in the sense that they may carry the name of the school and all some of their activities must be approved by the Principal, such organizations and clubs are sole and separate entities from the school and are responsible for their own compliance with applicable Federal and State laws, regulations and/or policies.

It is essential that ESO by-laws and activities, which use the name of the school or implied support of the school or the Cherokee County School District (CCSD), adhere to the policies, procedures and financial safeguards normally expected of public bodies. Accordingly, an ESO which fails to substantially comply with these guidelines will be prohibited from providing assistance to school organizations.

The following list contains expected elements of all ESO by-laws:
• Official name of the organization/group;
• Statement containing the group’s purpose/mission/objective;
• Membership eligibility criteria;
• Statement of non-discrimination based on “Legally and Constitutionally Protected Differences;”
• Annual dues/fees;
• Selection procedure, titles, duties and current roster of officers. ESOs are expected to have a President, Secretary and Treasurer;
• Meeting schedules and requirements;
• Listing of all subcommittees, including the name of any chairperson;
• Procedures for an annual independent audit;
• Properly adopted by-laws that govern the activities of the ESO; and,
• Procedures to amend the by-laws or adopt additional by-laws.

Additionally, the following list will be used to plan and implement ESO activities:
• Activities of the club will not place students or club members in danger.
• ESOs must abide by federal/state laws, and/or the policies and/or guidelines of the CCSD or its individual schools.
• Annually submit an ESO Information Form to the school Athletic Director.
• Allow the Superintendent or designee to resolve any issues between the ESO and CCSD as it relates to compliance with local School Board Policy or administrative guidance.
• ESO business will be conducted in open meetings, with adequate notification of all meetings to all members. Minutes of the meeting actions will be recorded and retained by the duly- elected Secretary. Copies of minutes will be available to CCSD and the public.
• CCSD employees may not be involved in financial activities of the ESO in any way. This protects employees from potential adverse actions and protects the funds from being designated as School Activity Funds. Employees of CCSD (including lay coaches) who are serving as an officer will not be involved in financial matters. Employees of CCSD are ineligible to serve as treasurer.
• Unless exempted by the principal, ESOs must maintain their own bank accounts and insurance policies independent ofthe school. These independent accounts avoid funds being designated as School Activity Funds.
• ESOs may elect to make gifts or donations to the school. The donation/gift must be accompanied with a letter of purpose from the ESO. An ESO may make undesignated gifts to benefit students in a specific activity (i.e., undesignated gift for football). When the school or CCSD takes possession of donated funds or items, the ESO relinquishes all control over funds or items.
• All fundraisers, projects and activities to be conducted by an ESO must be planned in conjunction with and have the prior written approval of the Principal or his/her designee.
• ESO activities must not conflict with, or detract from, instructional time.