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Homework Policy

Last Updated: 5/11/2016 7:13 PM

Liberty Elementary School Homework Policy

1. All homework should be a direct reinforcement or continuation of class work.

A.     New material should not be introduced as homework.

B.     Adequate instructions to adult supervisor should be included.

2. Homework assignments should be limited.

A. Time spent on homework should be appropriate for the grade in school.  The total amount of homework, for all subjects combined, should not exceed two class periods in length per night.

B. Friday homework should be limited.

a. An acceptable reason would be to complete class work.

b. Although Monday tests are discouraged, review for a test would be an acceptable reason.

c. Completion of long term projects is acceptable.

3. Homework should be pass/fail.

A. Parents should notify the teacher of a family emergency and students should be given appropriate time to make up work.

B. Homework grade is based on the participation of the student.

C. An exception when a grade can be assigned is on long-term special projects (i.e. book reports), where students are allotted more time for completion of a project.

4. Homework should count a minimum amount of the final grade.

A. Teachers should notify parents at the beginning of the year the weight of homework.

5. The Principal will review the homework policy with the teachers each school year.

A. The grade level teachers will write the homework policy for their grade in accordance with the district and local school policy.

B. The school and grade level policies will be sent home for all parents to sign at the beginning of each school year and with new students upon enrollment.