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The Cherokee County School District is committed to transparency and accountability. Accordingly, the goal of this webpage established in 2013, which will be periodically updated and expanded, is to provide the community with a clear understanding of the School District’s operations and its stewardship of fiscal resources.  All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted and can be read by downloading the free Adobe Reader program.

The Fact vs. Fiction webpage is a place where you can find accurate information that dispels rumors and/or misinformation circulating in the community in a timely manner.  This is an expansion of CCSD’s long-standing commitment to transparency and accountability and a part of our nationally recognized Open CCSD transparency project and webpage.  

We ask parents to please share concerns about their child’s education first with their child’s teacher and/or Principal as they can best address the majority of concerns.  Parents, CCSD employees and all citizens, also are welcome to share concerns, questions or comments directly with CCSD through our Ask CCSD Helpdesk page.  After you fill out the simple form, your message will be reviewed by the communications team, which will engage appropriate CCSD staff in providing a response.  For example, a question about curriculum will be answered with information from our team of longtime outstanding teachers who now lead our Office of Curriculum & Instruction.  You also are welcome to use this form to share concerns anonymously.  If you need help from Technology such as with your CCSD email, Canvas, passwords, etc., you need to contact its helpdesk --  the link is at the bottom of the webpage at  If you have a non-emergency school safety concern, please continue to use our Vector Alert safe schools system that is monitored by school police and administrators; please use 911 to report emergency safety concerns.  

Budget and Financial Documents

Superintendent's 2023-24 Budget 

Financial Facts 2023-24 budget report

NOTE: Many property owners will see their property assessment rise due to higher property values caused by increasing home and land prices.  The school board does not determine property value -- that’s a role of the county government and its tax assessors.  If property owners disagree with their property assessment, they can pursue exemptions, such as the generous senior school tax exemption, and/or assessment appeals through the tax assessor’s office; more information is online at

CCSD Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Video: Understanding the CCSD Budget

Article: "Who Pays for Our Children's Education?"

Budget Archives

Monthly Financial and Education SPLOST Reports

Education SPLOST

Independent Financial Audits


Georgia DOE School System Financial Information

Agency Performance

Accreditation:  2022 Cognia Report    2017 AdvancEd Report

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan and Annual Progress Reports

Performance-Related Publications

Student Assessment Reports

GOSA Report Card

Georgia K-12 Discipline Dashboard

Curriculum & Instruction

Overview of All Georgia Standards of Excellence and CCSD Curriculum Maps

Overview of Student Assessment

Language Arts (Reading and Writing)



Social Studies

Advanced Placement (College Credit Classes) 

Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) 

Fine Arts  

Health & Physical Education 

World Languages

More Curriculum & Instruction information, including parent resources like student readiness checklists, is on the division’s webpage. 

Student Support Services


Public Records

Open Records and Meetings Acts

Record Requests

School Board Contact Information and Post Map

School Board Meeting Calendar and Agendas

School Board Meeting Minutes, Board Business Briefs ArchivesBoard Meeting Video  

School Board Policy

School Council Meetings

Legislative Priorities

Human Resources

Organizational Chart

Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators

Public School Employee Oath of Allegiance

2023-24 Salary Schedules