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The Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America


This agreement entered into on this 17th day of November, 2022, by and between The Cherokee County Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the “School Board” and The Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America hereinafter referred to as “Boy Scouts.”

WHEREAS, the School Board’s mission is to educate the emerging generation through learning environments designed to increase the performance of all students; and,

WHEREAS, one of the School District’s Priority Areas is Family, Partner and Community Engagement, and

WHEREAS, the Boy Scouts mission is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over the course of their lifetime by instilling in them the values in the Scout oath and Law, and

WHEREAS, through its programs for Cherokee County students the Boy Scouts helps its members in achieving their full potential; and,

WHEREAS, the Boy Scouts are committed to expanding their program to include an increasing number of youth.

Now, therefore in consideration of the covenants and conditions set forth herein the parties agree as follows:



The parties agree that the foregoing recitals are true and correct and incorporated herein by reference



The School Board will:

  1. Provide the use of school system facilities for Boy Scout functions and programs, including the Fall Cub Scout Round-up “School Night for Scouting.”
  2. Provide opportunities for recruiting, including displays at elementary and middle schools, Cub Scouts/Scouts BSA information in newsletters and through other existing communication channels.
  3. In conjunction with the Division of Educational Programs, conduct career interest surveys in high schools.
  4. Assist in access for room “buzz ups” by Boy Scout personnel, via classroom visits, announcements and/or video/closed-circuit presentation, as approved and scheduled by principals.
  5. Provide a School System liaison to work with the Scouts in organizing events.
  6. Pursue grant opportunities in both parties’ best interests.
  7. Provide leadership and/or access to lead Scoutreach Programs in select After School Programs.



The Boy Scouts will:

  1. Work with the School Board to align programs to curriculum frameworks and objectives.
  2. Abide by the rules and regulations contained in the facility use contract at each facility and those contained in the Community Use of System Facilities Policy (KG), including custodial, utility and supervisory fees when applicable.
  3. Conduct an interview with the principal of each facility prior to and after the use of the facility.
  4. Pursue grant opportunities in both parties’ best interests.
  5. Plan, support, form and fund Cub Scout Packs that will meet as a part of After School Programs in select elementary schools.
  6. Accept all children/interested participants for participation within its programs without regard to their gender, race, political affiliation, age, national origin or handicapping condition or any other discrimination recognized and prohibited by State or Federal Law. Children/participants with handicaps must be provided all necessary levels of supervision and must be included within the activities of the partnering organization. As a result of this partnership agreement, the Boy Scouts must adhere to all local, State or Federal laws regarding education.



Facility use/rental fees will be waived in all of the aforementioned requests for facility use, except for applicable supervisory, utility and custodial fees.




The term of this contract is November 17, 2022 through November 17, 2023.  This contract shall automatically renew for additional terms not to exceed five years unless either party notifies the other at least 60 days prior to renewal date.



This contract may be terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other party with or without cause. All notice of this contract shall be given to the Superintendent of Cherokee County Schools at PO Box 769, Canton, Georgia 30169, and to District Executive, Cherokee/Pickens District, Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, 100 Edgewood Avenue, 4th Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3026.