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This agreement entered on this 13th day of February, 2020 by and between The Cherokee County Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the “School Board” and Georgia Commute Schools.
WHEREAS, the School Board’s mission is to educate the emerging generation through learning environments designed to increase the performance of all students; and,
WHEREAS, one of the School Board’s Priority Areas is Family, Partner and Community Engagement; and,
WHEREAS, Georgia Commute Schools (GCS) is a federally-funded program housed under the Atlanta Regional Commission that aims to reduce traffic congestion around schools by motivating and encouraging students to carpool, take transit, ride the school bus, walk, bike, and parents to reduce idling in the car-rider line; and, 
WHEREAS, Georgia Commute Schools recognizes that children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution, who breathe 50% more air per pound than adults and are closer to the ground and therefore vehicle tailpipes. Children’s lungs are still developing, making them more vulnerable to the impact of vehicle exhaust and poor air quality. 11% of Georgia’s children suffer from asthma. Exposure to car emissions can aggravate children’s asthma, making it harder to breathe. Georgia Commute Schools’ initiative empowers schools and entire communities to make a difference in reducing traffic around schools and cleaning up our air; and,
WHEREAS, Georgia Commute Schools provides schools (K through 12) with resources and tools to educate and empower schools, parents, and students to implement changes in their communities to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Entire school communities will learn simple, voluntary actions they can take that will make a big impact on reducing air pollution. Turning car engines off, for example, while waiting for children to get out of school can take three pounds of pollution out of the air per month; and,
WHEREAS, Georgia Commute Schools currently provides program assistance to 20 counties and 28 school districts in metro-Atlanta with a total of 28 schools and 13 school districts in the partnership program since 2018; and,
WHEREAS, Georgia Commute Schools views children as young commuters and the next generation of trailblazers to help improve transportation in metro Atlanta. Georgia Commute Schools works with administrators, faculty, parents, and community leaders. Georgia Commute Schools programs are at no financial cost to school districts and schools and are designed to offer resources to Kindergarten through 12th grade schools across metro Atlanta. Our program serves public, private, alternative, and charter-focused schools. CarPOOL to School, Breathe: Be Idle Free, Tracks to Transit, Love My Bus, and the Highschool Transportation Taskforce initiative are all the programs schools can implement. Air Quality Lesson plans and a library of resources are provided to support the previously listed programs.
Now therefore in consideration of the covenants and conditions set forth herein the parties agree as follows:
The parties agree that the foregoing recitals are true and correct and in corporate herein by reference:
The School Board will:
1. Promote Georgia Commute Schools programs and events through existing communication channels, as permitted by School Board Policy, including: Love My Bus Month in February, Air Quality Awareness Week in April, and National School Bus Safety Week in October.
Georgia Commute Schools will:
1. Assist Principals with identifying School Transportation Ambassadors within their school to lead their Georgia Commute Schools initiatives.
2. Accept all schools into the program that wish to become a Georgia Commute Schools partner. Please note, all schools must partner to receive incentives and other transportation and air quality resources from Georgia Commute Schools.
3. Assist all schools that implement one or more Georgia Commute Schools programs with determining school-specific strategies for reducing pollution and traffic within their chosen programs. Provide support, assistance and resources to school transportation ambassadors, teachers, and administrators year-round to ensure the success of their Georgia Commute Schools programs. Work with transportation ambassadors to engage their entire school community and get students involved.
4. Provide all partnered schools with toolkits to implement programs at no cost.  Toolkits include educational materials for students and parents, signage for anti-idling (if applicable) and collateral to engage students in the programs.
5. Provide ongoing recognition to all schools that complete program requirements and become official Georgia Commute Schools for each school year. Provide additional recognition to schools that took innovative steps to engage their community in the program.
6. Promote CCSD as a Georgia Commute Schools District Partner through Georgia Commute Schools monthly newsletter and through local, regional and national media placements.
7. Promote all CCSD schools that become a Georgia Commute Schools partner through the online newsletter and through local, regional, and national media placements. 
8. Abide by the rules and regulations contained in the School Board’s Solicitation by Students Policy (JKB/KEBB), that prohibits students in grades eight or lower from participating in door-to-sales.
9. Accept all children/interested participants for participation within its programs without regard to their gender, race, political affiliation, age, national origin or handicapping condition or any other discrimination recognized and prohibited by State or Federal Law. Children/participants with handicaps must be provided all necessary levels of supervision and must be included within the activities of the partnering organization. As a result of this partnership agreement, Georgia Commute Schools must adhere to all local, State or Federal laws regarding education.

The term of this contract is February 13, 2020 through February 13, 2021.  This contract shall automatically renew for additional terms not to exceed five years unless either party notifies the other at least 60 days prior to renewal date.

This contract may be terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other party with or without cause. All notice of this contract shall be given to the Superintendent of Cherokee County Schools at P.O. Box 769, Canton, Georgia 30169, and to Georgia Commute Schools, 1360 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.