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This agreement entered into on this 21st day of April, 2022 by and between The Cherokee County Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the “School Board” And Reinhardt University.

WHEREAS, the School Board’s mission is to educate the emerging generation through learning environments designed to increase the performance of all students; and,

WHEREAS, one of the School District’s Priority Areas is Family, Partner and Community Engagement; and,  

WHEREAS, Reinhardt University is an academic, spiritual and social community of teachers, learners and supporters who exist within an environment of Christian caring to educate students as whole persons; and,

WHEREAS, Reinhardt University contributes to the larger community as a vital and responsible member by offering community services that further learning and contribute to the greater good; and,

WHEREAS, Reinhardt University strives to develop a sense of community through individual service and cooperative efforts which develop and exemplify the values of honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, civic responsibility and service.

Now therefore in consideration of the covenants and conditions set forth herein
the parties agree as follows:



The parties agree that the foregoing recitals are true and correct and incorporated
herein by reference:



The School Board will:

1. Actively recruit/hire Reinhardt students who are interested in working for one of the school system’s Afterschool Programs and will provide an advertisement for distribution to Reinhardt University.

2. Offer school-site opportunities for Reinhardt students to fulfill site-based community service requirements.

3. The Office of Educational Programs, Student Support, Accountability and Professional Development will place Reinhardt University student teachers in classrooms for the Candidate Teaching Experience with teachers who have a foundation in differentiation of instruction and successfully practice the skills and strategies of differentiated instruction (as available).

4. Offer use of the Cherokee County Teacher Center to Reinhardt students.

5. Cherokee County Schools District’s three-year Technical/Career initiative will continue to include opportunities for collaboration with Reinhardt University. These will include but not be limited to inclusion on district-wide and school-based advisory committees, career pathways and program of study development, work-based learning experiences and Career Fair participation.

6. Continue joint enrollment programs for Cherokee County students, as provided through previous agreements.

7. Implement Junior Achievement programs that will utilize Reinhardt students.

8. Waive facility use rental fees based on Reinhardt’s request to use school system facilities.

9. Provide continued support of the Cherokee County Scholars Program by school system employees.

10. Participate in a Cherokee County School District/Reinhardt University Forum, involving at least two meetings annually designed for the express purpose of planning, developing and implementing programs beneficial to students attending both institutions.

11. Agree to establish a representative Advisory Council (composed of School District employees) to assist in the improvement of teaching and learning as it relates to both parties.

12. Consider the potential/feasibility of establishment of a future laboratory school that would serve Cherokee County students and provide for research/training/education opportunities for Reinhardt students.

13. Provide continued support of continuing education initiatives and associated alumni functions as it pertains to the Price School of Education.

14. Pursue joint grant opportunities in both parties’ best interests.



Reinhardt University will:

1. Provide access to the Funk Heritage Center and Bennett History Museum to school system employees/students: The area will consist of a natural history museum, nature trails and a natural village. The concept will encourage active, integrated participation; special programs; music seminars; history programs; art and ancient skills.

A. Conduct an open house (possibly one on a staff development day) for school employees at each level.

B. Establish a Student Advisory Panel to develop programming within the museum.

C. Provide the opportunity for field trips, as well as special events and shows, for Cherokee County students for a nominal fee.

D. Provide the opportunity for interested high school students to work in the museum.

2. Provide use of the Reinhardt Broadcast Center by the high school Video Production Classes, as university schedule permits.

3. Provide use of the Reinhardt Instructional Resource Center to employees of the Cherokee County School System. Scheduling not to interfere with student use.

4. Consider providing opportunities for Cherokee County students to fulfill a future community service graduation requirement.

5. Continue joint enrollment programs for Cherokee County students, as provided through previous agreements.

6. Provide judges for the School System Science Fair, Young Authors Fair, Governors Honors, Speech Contests and other related functions.

7. Provide continued assistance in the areas of technology, curriculum development and textbook adoption.

8. Provide the opportunity for reciprocal use of facilities, as scheduled and limited to four times per year, including but not limited to: use of the Fine Arts Center for art exhibits, future band/choral festivals in the Performing Arts Center, use of facility for testing of students, etc.

9. Abide by the rules and regulations contained in the facility use contract at each school facility that Reinhardt University may use and those contained in the Community Use of System Facilities Policy (KG). All other fees associated with the use of facilities will apply (supervisory, custodial, security, etc.).

10. Reinhardt University will offer scholarships to students residing in Cherokee County in the amount of $500 for any Cherokee County student who meets the entry requirements, $1,000 for students with a 2.8 (or above) GPA and $2,000 if students have a 2.8 (or above) GPA and live in the dormitory. These scholarships shall further apply to Cherokee County School District paraprofessional employees who are part-time students in the transitional paraprofessional four-year degree program for teacher preparation. All appropriate financial aid opportunities shall apply to these students.

11. Pursue joint grant opportunities in both parties’ best interests.

12. Participate, where feasible, in academic enhancement programs and other appropriate opportunities with students, teachers and staff at R.M. Moore Elementary School.

13. Reinhardt University shall inform students of System's requirement that, prior to commencement of an applied learning experience, they must complete a criminal background check, and provide clean results indicating no crimes of moral turpitude. Students shall be responsible for completing, and paying for, such background checks as may be required by the System. The System reserves the right to reject any participant who does not meet its minimum background requirements.

14. Accept all children/interested participants for participation within its programs without regard to their gender, race, political affiliation, age, national origin or handicapping condition or any other discrimination recognized and prohibited by State or Federal Law. Children/participants with handicaps must be provided all necessary levels of supervision and must be included within the activities of the partnering organization. As a result of this partnership agreement, Reinhardt must adhere to all local, State or Federal laws regarding education.



The term of this contract is April 21, 2022 through April 21, 2023. This contract shall automatically renew for additional terms not to exceed five years unless either party notifies the other at least 60 days prior to renewal date.