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This Partnership Agreement is entered into on this 21st day of April, 2022, by and between the Cherokee County Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the “School Board” and Revolution Church.

WHEREAS, the School Board’s mission is to educate the emerging generation through learning environments designed to increase the performance of all students; and,

WHEREAS, one of the School District’s Priority Areas is Family, Partner and Community Engagement; and,

WHEREAS, Revolution Church believes in loving your neighbor as yourself and lives that mission through outreach work including serving members of the Cherokee County community who are in need.

Now therefore, in consideration of the covenants and conditions set forth herein the parties agree as follows:



The parties agree that the foregoing recitals are true and correct and incorporated herein by reference



The School Board will:

1. Promote Give a Kid a Chance programs and events, which are now under the leadership of Revolution Church, through existing communication channels, as permitted by School Board policy.

2. Continue to provide use, as space permits, of two mobile classrooms at the ACTIVE Academies campus for storage for the Give a Kid a Chance program at no charge.

3. Provide the use of and access to CCSD’s teacher resource center for the Give a Kid a Chance program.

4. Allow Give a Kid a Chance applications to be made available to school counselors and other appropriate parties and copies to be made for eligible children.

5. If needed, allow the Give a Kid a Chance distribution events to be held in CCSD facilities with special consideration to be given to waiving applicable fees.

6. When the Office of School Operations receives in-kind donations of items suitable for the Give a Kid a Chance event, Revolution Church will arrange to pick up those donations for distribution at the events.

7. The Office of School Operations will regularly communicate to Revolution Church information about new opportunities to help students in need, such as through care closets, food drives, holiday gift drives, etc.

8. Abide by the rules and regulations contained in the facility use contract at Revolution Church and those contained in its policies relative to facility use, including custodial, utility and supervisory fees when applicable.



Revolution Church will:

1. Contact the school counselors or other appropriate personnel to explain the purpose of the Give a Kid a Chance event and then electronically distribute application forms and information to those individuals.

2. Gather completed Give a Kid a Chance applications from schools to be used for registration for the event and contact the families with event information once registration is processed.

3. Conduct a Give a Kid a Chance event prior to the beginning of school so that Cherokee County school-age children who are registered to attend school will receive backpacks filled with school supplies.  Other donations and free activities and services available at the event will vary based on donations and participation by other nonprofit organizations.

4. Distribute any classroom supplies (glue sticks, pencils, etc.) leftover after the event to Pre-K classes prior to the start of the new school year.

5. Accept all children/interested participants for participation within the Give a Kid a Chance program without regard to their gender, race, political affiliation, age, national origin or handicapping condition or any other discrimination recognized and prohibited by State or Federal Law.  

6. In regard to all other partnership activities, Revolution Church will not discriminate against any participant because of race, national origin, age or disability.  As Revolution Church is a private, religious entity, it is not subject to laws that public entities are subject to such as, but not limited to, IDEA Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and ADA.

7. Agree to hold harmless and indemnify the School Board against any claims, demands, losses or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in regard to the Give a Kid a Chance event that may arise as a result of this agreement.

8. Sponsor breakfast at the monthly Principal’s Meeting in April each year and share an update on Give a Kid a Chance and other programs supporting CCSD students in need.

9. Abide by the rules and regulations contained in the facility use contract at each school facility and those contained in the Community Use of System Facilities Policy (KG), including custodial and supervisory fees when applicable.



The term of this non-binding agreement is April 21, 2022 through April 21, 2023, and shall automatically renew for additional terms not to exceed five years unless either party notifies the other at least 60 days prior to renewal date.