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This agreement entered into on this 16th day of November, 2023 by and between The Cherokee County Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the “School Board,” and Waste Management of Metro Atlanta, Inc. hereinafter referred to as “Waste Management.”
WHEREAS, the School Board’s mission is to educate the emerging generation through learning environments designed to increase the performance of all students; and,
WHEREAS, one of the School District’s Priority Areas is Family, Partner and Community Engagement; and,
WHEREAS, Waste Management’s key stakeholders include the community and the environment and therefore it desires to increase sustainability efforts and improve the environment in Cherokee County through education, community involvement and participation; and,
WHEREAS, Waste Management will through its programs assist the School Board in impacting students as to the importance of promoting a healthy environment for everyone and everything.
Now therefore in consideration of the covenants and conditions set forth herein the parties agree as follows:

The parties agree that the foregoing recitals are true and correct and incorporated herein by reference.

The School Board will:

1.    Provide one qualified candidate to receive an annual scholarship.
2.    Work with the committee comprised of a Waste Management representatives and members of the advisory panel from Pine Bluff Landfill in the selection of this recipient.
3.    Encourage and organize field trips to Pine Bluff Landfill.
4.    Provide volunteers from School System where possible for Cleanups in Cherokee County.

Waste Management will:
1.    Provide an annual scholarship to one Cherokee County School District high school senior (the opportunity will rotate to a different school each year) in the amount of $5,000 for the recipient.
2.    Work with the School System and committee comprised of Advisory Panel members and Waste Management managers representing Pine Bluff Landfill to award this scholarship.
3.    Provide tours for High School Groups at Pine Bluff Landfill.
4.    Present a scholarship awards by Waste Management at Board of Education meeting.
5.    Provide internship for students in the Cherokee County School District as it relates to the School District’s Career Pathways initiative if Waste Management believes that an opportunity becomes available at Pine Bluff Landfill. Student would have to go through policy and procedures for Waste Management hiring practices and pass all requirements when applying for internship.
6.    Accept all children/interested participants for participation within its programs without regard to their gender, race, political affiliation, age, national origin or handicapping condition or any other discrimination recognized and prohibited by State or Federal Law. Children/participants with handicaps must be provided all necessary levels of supervision and must be included within the activities of the partnering organization. As a result of this partnership agreement, Waste Management must adhere to all local, State or Federal laws regarding education.

The term of this contract is November 16, 2023 through November 16, 2024.  This contract shall automatically renew for additional terms not to exceed five years unless either party notifies the other at least 60 days prior to the renewal date.

This contract may be terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other party with or without cause. All notice of this contract shall be given to the Superintendent of Cherokee County Schools at PO Box 769, Canton, GA 30114 and to South Atlantic Market Area Vice President, Waste Management, 1850 Parkway Place, Suite 600, Marietta, Georgia 30067, or such other address if notice is given by either party of a new address pursuant to this notice section.