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CCSD Celebrates 2024 Spring STEM Essay Contest Winners

CCSD Celebrates 2024 Spring STEM Essay Contest Winners

The Cherokee County School District is celebrating the winners of the second annual Sixth-Grade Spring STEM Essay Contest!

Cobb EMC & Gas South, a CCSD Partner, sponsors two contests every school year – one in the fall and one in the spring - to recognize student excellence in communicating STEM concepts.  The top essays from students in Cobb EMC’s service area earned their writers cash prizes, ranging from $20 for 10th place to $50 for first place.  CCSD’s Office of Curriculum & Instruction coordinates the contest with Cobb EMC.

The first-place winners are: of Creekland MS, Ethan Woodall; of Dean Rusk MS, Raegan Carringer; of E.T. Booth MS, Robert Bailey; of Freedom MS, Ryley Neal; of Mill Creek MS, Alondra Rivera; of Teasley MS, Peyton Nelson; of Woodstock MS, Makela Agbavon.

The second-place winners are: of Creekland MS, Grace Payne; of Dean Rusk MS, Wyatt Shean; of E.T. Booth MS, Lillian Densmore; of Freedom MS, Reagan Mathena; of Mill Creek MS, Tyler Dietze; of Teasley MS, Lilia Jane Dobson; of Woodstock MS, Kevin Munoz Medina.

The third-place winners are: of Creekland MS, Tritt Weaver; of Dean Rusk MS, Sofie Owens; of E.T. Booth MS, Summer Louis; of Freedom MS, Carter Bennett; of Mill Creek MS, Emery Jones; of Teasley MS, Chelsea Gough; of Woodstock MS, William Hendrixson.

Students who earned fourth through 10th place (noted in place order from 4th to 10th for each school) are: of Creekland MS, Doyle Murchison, Anniston Sharrock, Yamini Raya, Josh Olson, Clayton Hamby; of Dean Rusk MS, Bryce Bradley, Lucy Pereira, Ashley Garcia, Braxton Dillon, Paisley Edge, Andrew Leuzarder, Cole Cook; of E.T. Booth MS, Abigail Kirkley, Akira Hargraves, Aleksie Knot, Eisenhower Reese Ehlers, Maite Gulas, Emery Mayka, Stephen Yarbrough; of Freedom MS, Collier Mitchell, Madison Roosenkrans; of Mill Creek MS,  Yusuf Boztas, Malina Rivers, Caelan Fay, Emily Bender, Ashlyn Daniel-Chantharath, Noah Larkin, Brady Hayes; of Teasley MS, Jesus Ramirez Torres, Evie Dorner, Leah Delaney, Ruby Medina, Collin Becker, Adolfo Raymundo-Rafael, Aymer Hernandez-Reynoso; of Woodstock MS, Maria Cestary Carrillo, Ava Bryce, Alexander Jimenez, Leila Rosario, Juliann Lang, Tristan Treadwell, Madison Coverstone.
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