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CCSD Students Win Gold in Summer Special Olympics

CCSD Students Win Gold in Summer Special Olympics

Cherokee County School District students won gold in the statewide summer Special Olympics!

Cherokee County Special Olympics’ soccer team won gold and numerous students earned gold for individual swimming, tennis and track and field events.

The soccer team is a unified team, meaning it includes neurotypical peers who are called Unified Partners in the competition.  Team members are: of Cherokee HS, Leah Weatherby; of Creekview HS, Charlie Holderness and Leland Wilson; of Transition Academy, Kord Bowen and Cody West; of Woodstock HS, Audric Agbavon; and Unified Partners, both of River Ridge HS, Matthew Gordon and Hadley Moore.

The tennis gold medalists are the Unified team of Brody Wright of Transition Academy and Aven Wright of Cherokee HS. 

The track and field gold medalists are: of Cherokee HS, Ta’Nieyah Calhoun (100M) and Reed Rogers (100M); Liberty ES, Lyric Welch (100M and Mini Javelin Throw); and of Transition Academy, Matthew Bek (200M). 

The swim gold medalists are: of Etowah HS, Nicolle Valle (50M Seniors Freestyle); of River Ridge HS, Cassie Vanderberg (Juniors 10M Assist and Juniors 15M Unassisted); of Mill Creek MS, Aiden Kohlhepp (Juniors 25M Floatation); of Sequoyah HS, Carly Carter (Juniors 10M Assist), Xavier Baldonado (50M Juniors Freestyle and 25M Juniors Backstroke) and Juan Galvez (50M Seniors Freestyle); of Tippens Education Center, Davis Kohl (Juniors 10M Assist and Juniors 15M Floatation); of Transition Academy, Del Cannon (4 x 25 Unified Senior Relay, 25M Seniors Freestyle and 50M Seniors Freestyle), Nicole Fox (25M Seniors Freestyle) and Merritt Wilson (4 x 25 Unified Senior Relay, 25M Senior Breaststroke and 50M Senior Breaststroke); of Woodstock HS, Remy Wilson (25M Senior Freestyle and 50M Senior Freestyle) and Unified Partners in the 4 x 25 Unified Senior Relay, Leia Lankford and Emmy Mims; and of Woodstock MS, Brady Pike (Juniors 15M Walk).

They will all be recognized by the Cherokee County School Board and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower at the September School Board meeting.

The School Board and Dr. Hightower also will recognize Transition Academy student Caleb Guy, who earned three silver medals in kayaking competitions at the international Special Olympics World Games in Berlin this summer.  

The Olympians will be joined at the meeting by CCSD Adapted PE teacher Ben Farist, who serves as the Cherokee County Special Olympics coordinator. 

“Congratulations to our Olympians on your outstanding accomplishments this summer!” Dr. Hightower said.  “We’re so proud of your dedication to your sport and team and look forward to celebrating your achievements.  Thank you to Coach Farist and all of the volunteers and sponsors whose dedication and support makes the Special Olympics program available to our students.”