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Senior Superlatives for 2018-2019

Posted On: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Most likely to in ten years...

Be a meme: Maeve Spoor & Michael Murray

Work at Disney: Sarah Merritt & Ben Conklin

Be remembered: Blake Chumley & Kevin Busson

Be instagram famous: Macy Browning & Israel Gomez

Be on Broadway: Maddie Swetlik & Lance Stanton

Still be friends: Savannah Matt and Blake Chumley & Justin Snodgrass and Ethan Anderson

Win Survivor: Daijah Green & Jaeden Bennett

Be in the Olympics: Macy White & Chico Ward

Be there for you: Bella Navarro & Brandon Gibson

Be a political leader: Hailey Martin & Paul Berent

Find a cure for cancer: Sydney Rush & Shane Dallas

Win an Oscar: Hannah Dell & Kevin Ralph

Still be together: Cress Howard and Angelina Piccirilli

Be a TEDTalker: Caroline Bulger & Justin Bacon

Be a world traveler: Savannah Matt & Ethan Losasso

Be a comedian: Darla Willis & Ian Rasmussen

Be a CEO: Tiana Francis & Henry Fornuto

Win a Nobel Prize: Ella Johnson & Lawson Campagna

Change the world: Angelica Millen & John Bacaron

Be on ESPN: Callie Perkins & Ethan Anderson

Sell out Madison Square Garden: Liz-Kate Slatery & Ethan Meyer

Be late to their own wedding: Kelly Pena & London Williams

Be the Bachelor/ Bachelorette: Caylee Gerold & Roman Ingram

Be on the Forbes list: Maggie Lokey, Olivia Fulton & Alex Lokey

Be a teacher at River Ridge: Kora Brianas & Davis Dodd


Congratulations to all the winners!

To schedule your picture for the yearbook please get in contact with Sydney Embry or Angelica Millen.

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